My mommy is wondering where I got my nice stripes from

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Purred: Wed Dec 24, '08 6:32pm PST 
My mommy has wondered from the moment she got me if I have some sort of breed-specific ancestor in me. She thinks the symmetry of my markings can not be pure random chance. I'm obviously not a pure bred anything and mommy just loves how beautiful I am and that I am such a good companion, but she's curious. She's bought books, read books, looked on the internet, but never found so many examples of various breeds to look at as on catster. Mommy wonders if I have some Maine coon cat, some Bengal, or maybe some Egyptian Mau in me. She is truly just curious. She'd also like other suggestions as to where I got all my pretty markings.

Thanks and Happy Holidays and many snuggles from all your cats. May they keep you warm and feeling loved!



Purred: Thu Feb 26, '09 9:55am PST 
It is a very difficult thing to do but don't forget about ocicats. My mistress has tried with me because of my beautiful ticking. On appearence it would seem most likely that I am an aby mix or burmese mix since we are very popular in the usa. On the other hand ,my build is heavier boned like a burmillan and I seem to have a double shot of eye-liner but anything else is still very rare.Mitted pattern is American shorthair. Rexes also carry the ticking gene but are very rare as are Singapurans and Asians. The vet thought I had at least two litters and more like three or four which I can't buy were just simply accidents but who knows. my fur seems very shed-resistant and uber-soft like a rabbits but we are still playing the odds. No information was on file about where exactly I was found which might help and my markings are just happenstance . There is another ticked tabby Male who's coloring is very like mine,even down to the red belly spot but he was found half -way across the world in Singapore. I have seen his picture in the flicker pool Ticked Tabbies on yahoo. I also have lots more shots of me there. My mistress is a cat lover anyways so she loves learning about different breeds but it will always be a mystery so it just adds to my feline mystique. Camille