...... but AM I actually a DSH???

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Purred: Thu Jun 4, '09 8:01am PST 
Hi everyone!

I have a question for you all. Am I really a domestic short hair? My mom is a little confused on if I am or not. When I was a kitten and all fuzzy they wrote down that I was a DSH, but my hair is about 1 inch long, but then again I'm not fuzzy at all!

My birth mom has shorter hair than me, so I know that she's a short hair. We don't really know who my birth dad was, so that doesn't help. A friend of my mom has a kitty who's hair is about the same length as mine and his mom calls him a domestic mediumhair. I was looking at some other kitties on catster, and the ones that are listed as domestic medium hair have fuzzy tails, or fuzzy necks - which I don't have.

Can you help me not be confused anymore???

Check out my catster pictures, and if you need more send mom a message with your e-mail and she'll e-mail you some more pictures - thanks!


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Purred: Thu Jul 16, '09 3:22pm PST 
I think so my cats look a little bit like you I think your a tabby cat or domsetic short hair or you could be a mix of both shrug