How often do you kitties get cat nip?

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I'm going to- take over the- world! MOL
Purred: Mon Aug 6, '07 1:14pm PST 
eek Sorry! MOL I LOVE cat nip!! Me and my sisters only get it on special occasions cuz we get very protective of it and attack our mom and each other MOL




Alpha Cat
Purred: Wed Aug 8, '07 10:11am PST 
I was given cat nip and don't care for it.


Live to Be - Loved
Purred: Fri Aug 24, '07 6:44am PST 
I get catnip twice a week... its the best!!!


Me, Me, Me, Me
Purred: Wed Sep 5, '07 11:27am PST 
confusedI get catnip when my meowmy thinks about it. Which isn't often enough for me! She tried to grow me some fresh catnip, but it didn't work. She wants to know if anyone else's meowmy tried-and did it grow?


*scratch* DON'T- STOP PETTING- ME!!
Purred: Fri Mar 28, '08 1:59pm PST 
I get catnip all the time! I will only play with a toy if it has catnip in it. It's the only way meowmy knows how to keep me busy! I have never had fresh catnip but my scratching post has catnip in it and so do my furry mice! A toy isn't a toy without feathers and catnip!!

Stormy- 2000-2009

Tall, Dark, and- Handsome.
Purred: Fri Feb 20, '09 11:14am PST 
Catnip doesn't really do much for me. Mom bought several different kinds to make sure, though I found out only 60% of cats have a reaction to catnip. I just happens to fall in the Minority.