Domestic short hair???

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Stormy- 2000-2009

Tall, Dark, and- Handsome.
Purred: Fri Feb 20, '09 11:09am PST 
So true, I'm a domestic short hair. My coat pattern is gray and white, though Meowmy likes to call me a Gray tux since I have white mittens and boots with white chest and a little white in the area between his hind legs. dancing Domestic short hairs are easy to care for since they really don't need a weekly brush. happy dance So glad even though I think their gorgeous.


True Lap Cat
Purred: Sat Jul 25, '09 8:49pm PST 
Hey its me BAILEY! I opened this post originally and left catster for awhile but now i am back!dancing I've got a new housemate that joined my house back in May... meet the lovely Kona.


Named after a- coffee bean from- Hawaii.
Purred: Sat Jul 25, '09 8:50pm PST 
Hello!! Fellow DSH here!

Kiki BB

Kiki BB Roadkill- Kitty
Purred: Thu Jul 30, '09 4:21pm PST 
My mom knew I was a DSH when she found me. My mom and dad are DSH's but also tabbies so I guess that makes me a tabby too.


The Hamburglar
Purred: Sat Aug 15, '09 8:15am PST 
I wasn't sure for the longest time what I was either, until my mom looked online, I thought I was a tabby too! Aren't there different kinds of tabbys? I wonder which one I am ?...

Ucok- (pronounced- as oo-chok)

Ucok is an- indonesian name- :D
Purred: Mon Oct 26, '09 1:15am PST 
i didnt know mine was dsh too.
until i went to the vet and they said .. it's a domestic cat.
so yeah lol.


shoelace are my- thing
Purred: Thu Nov 19, '09 12:50am PST 
me and my sister alexis are domestic short hairs too

Ptah, P'tah

Purred: Fri Nov 20, '09 7:19am PST 
I am a DSH also but i am a white with cream overlay and dark cream stripes on my paws

i was white when i was born but now i have darkend lol

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