Domestic short hair???

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Alpha Cat
Purred: Thu Jul 12, '07 12:30pm PST 
So I am a domestic short hair? Cool! LOL I never thought about what I was until in my profile asks to pic out which cat breed i am! I've just been calling myself a tabby cat. Haha!kitty


Alpha Cat
Purred: Thu Jul 19, '07 1:59pm PST 
WEll, I obviosuly figure out that I am a domestic shorthair with after I left this message. Nobody read this board or somethign sheesh! Good thing i figured it out on my own.confused

Lakota(R.I.P- My Angel)

Don't Cry Mommy.- I'll Always Be- There.
Purred: Sun Sep 16, '07 2:43pm PST 
hehe same herelaugh out loudwave


oh my, im such a- bad boy!!!!
Purred: Mon Oct 8, '07 12:24pm PST 
smile im a domestic short hair.. cheerdancing


Purred: Sun Oct 14, '07 11:18am PST 
I'm a Domesic Shorthair. I thought tabby was just a pattern??shrug

Lucy Belle

Action Speaks- Louder Than- Meows
Purred: Wed Oct 24, '07 8:21pm PST 
kitty Me too! I am a tabby white DSH and proud of it~ cheer

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Sesshoumaru- (Sesshy)

mrrrr? wanna- play?
Purred: Sun Nov 18, '07 6:52am PST 
I'm not sure if I am an American Shorthair or a British Shorthair (they tend to be more stocky like I am). I'm a mottled Tabby which means the spots/stripes are "broken" so they are not uniform and looks like blotches. This is a common fur mutation in a lot of tabbies, but highly undesirable if you were to be a show cat confused I'm a rescue kitty so mommy doesn't care, she thinks I look gorgeous. All of you little kitties are just adorable! cheer


Woot, Im a- SpiderCat. - Mreow
Purred: Mon Mar 10, '08 7:41pm PST 

im a DSH! Proud of it.. wink



*scratch* DON'T- STOP PETTING- ME!!
Purred: Fri Mar 28, '08 9:54am PST 
I'm a full orange tabby DMS!!! SOOO PROUD!! dancingdancingdancingkitty


Purred: Fri Sep 12, '08 8:00am PST 
I know this is an old thread, but I'm a tabby DHS too! I dont know if I"m grey or blue though. probably grey but I like to consider it "silver". So many people are always trying to find a way to make thier Kitty "special" by hoping they somehow got a rare breed kitty at a shelter, but more often than not it's a DHS which is VERY special because each one is so unique and not like any other in the world!!

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