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Amazing Grace
Purred: Thu Mar 8, '07 11:09pm PST 
OK, my younger Sister, Checkers, started the first post for Domestic Medium Hair's, so, I'm honored to start the first for DSH's.
My name is Gracie, I'll be 3 on March 31st.
My Sister, Checkers, is 17 months, and we have a Bridge Sister, Heidi, who has been at RB, since 10/27/05.
I'm classified as a Brown Tabby, and Mom and my Vet, suspect that I may be crossed with American Shorthair, since, my markings are so strong and distinct.
Checkers and I were both adopted from the same rescue group, about 2 months apart, by Mom, after Heidi has passed to the Bridge.
We live in Spokane, and are strictly indoor only (Mom's a huge believer in that), and anyway, we live in the city, and on a busy street.
I'm looking forward to meeting some more DSH's and making some new friends.
Have a Wonderful Friday and Week-end, and as my Sister said in her post:
Stay Well and Be Safe



Umbrella Girl
Purred: Sat Mar 10, '07 5:03pm PST 
Hi Gracie, you do have beautiful markings. My mama put down that I'm American Shorthair. but I read here on Catster that domestic shorthair is like a "mutt" and American Shorthair is a breed. I don't really understand that. I guess domestic shorthair is a mixed breed or like an "alley cat."

Whatever we are, we have good, loving homes and loving moms.

Love and purrs, Honey kitty


Xander - Here we go,- Steelers!
Purred: Sun Mar 11, '07 7:36am PST 
That's what I heard too. The DSH is basically a catch-all for cats (without "papers") that look like the ASH.

I don't go in for such fancy terms myself! I'm happy to be me!

Hey! *introduces self* I'm Xander, glad to meet you in this celbration of DSHism! wave laugh out loud cheer


Flying free
Purred: Sun Mar 11, '07 5:35pm PST 
Hi I'm a Domestic Shorthair too I'm about 8 or so and I live with Coco I have tabby torti colorings.


Cute Calico
Purred: Sun Mar 11, '07 5:36pm PST 
Hi I'm not to sure if I'm a Domestic Shorthair I'm a pretty little calico that is about 3.

TGM Gimli DB- #101a

Play Hard, Sleep- Hard!

Purred: Tue Mar 13, '07 11:25pm PST 
I love being a Domestic Shorthair! woo hoo!cheerdancing


Kitties against- declawing!
Purred: Wed Mar 14, '07 8:47am PST 
Woo hoo mee too!!!! wavecheerdancing


Cute as a button
Purred: Wed Mar 14, '07 8:47am PST 
Yea and me!!!!!cheer

Carrie (With Love) 1981-2001

Somewhere Over- The Rainbow
Purred: Wed Mar 14, '07 8:56am PST 
I have been at the Bridge for a while but I was a UK domestic shorthair and was very loved! So I wanted to say hello to all my sweet pals here and at the Bridge.wavecloud 9


purrrfectly- purrrrty
Purred: Sat Mar 17, '07 9:09pm PST 
I think I am a domestic shorthair, but I like to think that I am a goddess. . .

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