Am I this or that?

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I'm feisty!
Purred: Thu May 31, '07 1:29pm PST 
Mommy isn't sure if i'm a domestic Medium Hair, or a Domestic Long Hair.

Can anyone help her out with this. I kinda wanna know what i am too!! *mew*

Panda- (formerly- Miranda)

That's Mrs.- Gysmo to you....
Purred: Sat Jun 16, '07 4:38pm PST 
Well.....I figured it out only after the vet told Mommy I'm a DMH. She thought I was a DLH and I'm not sure how they know they know the difference, but it's all good smile

♥Mika- ♥

♥Am i- Love-Struck or- just Dazed?
Purred: Thu Aug 30, '07 1:00am PST 
thinkingWell im a DMH and you seem like you've got the same length hair... but i dont know i cant be sure.laugh out loud

Marie Gamber

I'm just big- boned. Really!
Purred: Sat Sep 15, '07 10:13am PST 
I think that Long Hairs are Persians and cats like that. I know that short hairs have fur that's flat against their body, so Medium hair is sorta long but not as long as a Persian's.

Hope that helped!kitty