Can someone please recommend a pet gate for my kitten?

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Hi all! I'm looking for a pet gate to put in my hallway for my 3 month old kitten. I want to create a safe space for her to stay during the day while I'm at work (as opposed to shutting her up in one room). Can anyone recommend one that she can't slip through? I would prefer one that is expandable up to 48" for my largest hallway, but if that is not an option, I can work with a smaller one! Really, I just need suggestions for something that she can't climb under/over/through the bars. Thanks so much in advance!

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A realy determined kitten will just jump over a pet gate shrug

If you've had the kitten for only a short while, you can keep the kitten contained in the bedroom or bathroom while you are at work. Make sure to pet-proof the room. Human did this with Leroy. She kept him in the bathroom while she went to work. This only lasted about a week before Leroy wanted OUT shrug Human still kept him out of the bedroom, though. Leroy, being the troublemaker he is, was still in one piece (and so was the house) and happy when Human got home from work.

You may also want to consider a large dog kennel/crate or a large cat multilevel playpen.