littler types you like

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i just wanted to share and ask what types of littler do you find that work the best and does it really help to make the change from clay.
i found myself standing in a petsmart for a good 15 mins look at littler brands until my eyes glazed over so many kinds and at this point clay is out of the question it makes a mess on my floor and i can smell the pee smell in the littler. so ive tryed wood pellets for my cats called ExquisiCat® Naturals Fragrance Free Pine Cat Litter the first time i used it my cats said noway im not a bunny. so we tryed them on itcat littler its too fine and didnt clump at all we've tryed at least 20 types of litter from worlds best to Dr. Elsey's and my cats say no no. so i lost my mind a little at the store and picked up a 40 pound bag of pine litter and said if they dont like it tuff cookies and a small bag or blue buffalo walnut littler well i can say i love the smell of the walnut littler and the cats like it too but its really pricey so i mixed it with the pine littler and the cats went fine if i must ill use it but i am not a bunny. the cats now love pine litter no smelly box easy clean and no messy floor. so what do you and your kittys like.

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I used to use Feline Pine Pellets, but my Pickles wasn't very enthusiastic about it. She would carefully step in it, and then book her butt right out of there before finishing! eek So I found Feline Fresh scoopable/clumping, and they love it. It is a pine litter, but it's fine texture is so appealing to the girls. They love to scratch around in it, and it smells fresh. I can't smell any pee. Natural, safe to inhale and ingest, and biodegradable!


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I use Cats Best Oko Plus Clumping Cat Litter, which is wood based. It's granular like clay, so not the pellets you sometimes get. The advantage of pellets is that they don't seem to stick to my paws as much, but the disadvantage is 1. pellets don't clump and 2. my wuss of a brother, Cappuccino, really doesn't like them. He's quite sensitive about his litter.
The clumping makes it easy for my human to keep the trays tidy every morning and evening and the wood has a pleasant natural scent (no perfumes).
Though we're both happy to use this litter, my human does complain that we use a lot of it. She spends about $46 per 4 to 6 weeks. (Which I think is a bargain if you compare it to cleaning pee out of carpets)


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I LOVE the Breeze Litter System. The pellets are similar in size to the feline pine, but they are plastic, so they don't break down. The sit in a tray that has a grate over the bottom and a pee pad catches all the pee, it goes through and is absorbed onto the super absorbent pad. So no pee clumps, no pee odor, until you change the pad. You go through one pad a week for one cat, with two cats, you need to change it about every 4 days....you could go a little longer, but I don't recommend it. This is NOT a litter box for you if you are a lazy type of litter box cleaner, but if you are one who scoops the poop the moment it drops, or at least once a day, this is great! There is NO litter tracking, occasionally one of the pellets will get flicked out by the cats, you just toss it back in. The litter system is about $33 right now at Target, there is a 10 coupon inside the box, and I know Petsmart will let you open the box and use the coupon toward that purchase (I got two this way), so I think if you asked the manager at Target, they would let you too. It goes on sale now and then at Petsmart, I got mine on sale for $29 and with coupon it was only $19, and I got two. Like I said, if you don't like to scoop it all the time, then don't get this one, but if you do scoop right away and change that pad once a week, you won't even know it's there. I have two and I also have a third box with those crystal bead thingy's, but I just started using those today. One cat used it so far and he was like "what the heck is this stuff", but he used it! The pellets cost $7-8 at target (cheapest I have found) and the pads, a 4 pack is less than $5, also Target, and that will last you a month for one cat. Every month I take the whole thing out and hose it, and weekly, I spray the tray that holds the pee pad with a non-toxic eco friendly cleaner, and wipe it with paper towel. Took the cats a good month to start using it exclusively, but now, I swear they like it better because it is so clean. One side note, if your cat is prone to diarrhea, do not get this, it is gross to clean with that, but otherwise, it is a compltely awesome system, I love it, A+++, even worth the "occasional" bout of diarrhea that my kitten gets from eating God knows what. NO LITTER TRACKING!!!! And that is awesome in my book! And NO smell, until you change the pad, then yeah, the pee STINKS, but only when you open it. LOVE IT!!!


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Thankfully Tabitha isn't picky about the litter...but I am. It has to clump well and cover odor. Surprisingly, I find that some of the best litter is what I get from Aldi...and it's so inexpensive. I also like Fresh Step, but sometimes the scent is overpowering...but the litter itself is scented and can just be too much.