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Nico is my first cat. (Except for Siri who died from a heart condition at a very young age).
I adore Nico and am very happy with being a cat mom.
Now, the only problem I have is the shedding. Nico is a big boy (15 pounds) And he has a ton of hair. You might not be able to tell from the pictures (the pictures are a several months old) but he is a big ball of fluff. Some of his back and tail hairs are three to four inches long. I'm pretty sure he has a triple coat. His fur is very rabbit-like and cottony and his fur is getting every where.
I'm not sure how to keep up with it.
I'm keeping him on as high of quality food as I can. I recently gave him a bath. I groom him twice a day (he loves being brushed). That seems to help, but he's still like a small explosion of fur.
Any tips for controlling the shedding?
Is the shedding just this bad because it's changing seasons? Last spring he was just a baby and so there was not as much shedding. Also is the spring shed worse than the winter shed? I don't remember it being this bad last winter. Or maybe it was. I took him to be groomed professionally last winter (not shaved but to have them work on brushing out his summer coat). If I remember right that worked for a while but he still shed a ton afterwards too.

Thanks for the advise.


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His full adult coat has grown in, so he probably is shedding more. I use the Furminator on my cats to keep them from matting (they're all shorthairs, but one has very fine fur that tends to mat). I've also noticed that since they have been getting only wet food for the last year, the shedding is greatly reduced, their dandruff is gone, and their fur is shiny and soft.


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I have a maine coon mix, and he is a fur ball, and the furminator is a wonderful tool if you have a wooly booger of a cat. When I used the "furmie" on Taffy, I get enough fur out of him to make another cat laugh out loud He doesn't seem to mind it, I think he is relieved and feels much better when I'm done. You are right, when the weather changes, at least for Taffy, he starts shedding tons of hair. He is not a big groomer, I almost never see him grooming himself, although he does groom our kitten Stephano. My daughter says Taffy probably never licks himself because he is probably too fat to reach his butt applause, which is probably true. So yeah, he needs some help with the furmie. It is a wonderful tool for cleaning a cat tree also, my husband discovered one day. I did not pay the ridiculous $40 price for one at the pet stores, instead I found one on ebay, through a retailer from China, for $12. It's even great on my short haired doberman, gets all of her flaky dandruff and hair out really well.

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This is Delyte. Can't see where you live, but if it is spring there, you could be losing your winter coat. Our person had a dog who had an undercoat like cottony rabbit fur, and she would shed big wads of it this time of year. If you can do a good combing or get the furminator, it might not grow back until next winter. Although our dog went out a lot and needed her winter coat, we could never figure out how indoor cats who have heat and AC know to grow winter coats and shed them, but they seem to. Purrs!


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He could be shedding more because it's that time of year (spring). Even if you don't live in a cold climate like I do it still gets a bit warmer this time of year in all areas of the world.

I try to brush my cat (the furminator is the best invention!) a little bit every day and it tends to lessen slightly the amount of fur she sheds.

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buy a Furminator.
i have been an avid fan of it for years now, pretty much since they first came out! it is the best pet brush out there, trust me.
this is a video i made of my cat a couple years ago, at that point i was already using it for a couple of years.
you can't hear but she's purring like crazy.

for cats they have one small one medium, they also have two option one short or long hair. you can get it for under 20$ at on amazon (on their official website it cost about 40$).
they also have models for dogs, if he is super big a medium dog one may work too.

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