Rubbed off Neck Fur

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Cinder Katt

Purred: Thu Mar 28, '13 7:27pm PST 
My Cinder has been wearing collars since she was a kitten. She never minded them. As a matter of fact she would have a fit when I took it off to brush her. She is going on 3. I just noticed that the fur around her neck is being rubbed off. I am wondering if the collar is too thick and her tag too heavy? Could she have developed an allergy? She is not scratching. Any advice? Even though she is chipped and doesn't go out I rather have a collar on her just in case she gets out.


Butt-kicker of- all other cats
Purred: Sat Mar 30, '13 8:22pm PST 
I would take the collar off. I know you are used to it, but I would get her micro chipped instead. My daughter's kitten almost killed himself recently with his collar, got it stuck in his mouth and around his neck. It could be that he is allergic to something that the collar is made out of, that would be my guess. I have heard of flea collars doing this, but not regular collars. I would take it off if it were me.

Delyte, Dark- Angel, at- Bridge

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Purred: Sun Mar 31, '13 11:56am PST 
This is Delyte. When I was found, 18 years ago this coming August, I had a flea collar on, and my person kept me wearing decorative, non-flea collars for the first few years of my life. Then she realized that I was losing my fur around the neck, and stopped. The fur around my neck never grew back properly, so it's been a flaw in my mostly perfect good looks ever since.

But, when I was ten years old I ran off and hid in the woods behind our house, and they had a terrible time getting me back. I finally came back on my own because I was hungry, and now I am not allowed out unless I am harness and leash--which I hate. However, one of the people at animal control said that people assume around here that if you see a collarless cat it is a stray and they might shoot it. And if it is an all black cat like you and me, who knows what goes through their beady little minds. So you are better off wearing a bright colorful collar that says "I am a pet!" You can get the ones with the stretch link so if you get caught in something you can get out. Nobody checks for those chips unil much later on, and all black cats look alike to non-cat people. I won't wear a collar any more--ribbons sometimes, as you can see from my pictres--but my person keeps a strict eye on me. Plus, I am nearly 18 and have several major illnesses and arthritis, so I am not moving too fast these days. Giant black old guy purrs to you! cat on moon


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This is Beep's mommy, I just wanted to tell you that I have a black kitty too. Since December. We found him in the woods behind the church preschool that I work at, him and his brother were dumped there with two cans of food. His name is Stephano, and I am madly in love with this cat. While we were trying to find him a home, he worked his way right into my heart, he snuggled up in my lap, or on my chest, every chance he got. He still does. He gets along with is brother Taffy, a maine coon, and they are now best buds. I really had no idea how bad the hatred was for black cats, and have just recently found out and it shocks me. I love my little black boy so much. It took us all of a day and half to realize that we were never giving him up, he is ours. I think if a kitty is going to spend any time outside, I would most definitely collar the cat....especially if it were in some area where they picked up cats all the time. I still have to get Stephano micro chipped. I agree, if it were an outdoor cat, I would not rely only on micro chipping but collar also.

Jimmy Riddle

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Purred: Sat Apr 6, '13 10:06am PST 
But MAKE SURE that the collar is one that will come apart if it gets caught on anything....they are brilliant....I have always had collars on my cats and, have to say, there were a couple of nasty occasions with the collars with buckles.....SO DO NOT GET THOSE.....now that my cats wear the collars that break apart with any pressure on the collar I am not worried about it at all....and, as Delyte said...cats without a collar are often seen to be stray......

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