Target clearancing single refill bag cartridge from the Litter Genie

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Purred: Mon Mar 25, '13 10:20pm PST 
While shopping at Target on Saturday, I saw the single bag cartridge for the Litter Genie. It was 7.99 but on clearance it was 3.98. So if you are think you need more, now is the time to look at your Target to save big time before this deal is gone!

I love to look for all the clearance stuff at Target and match them up to any coupons I have. Saw that they were clearancing a special 4 pack of Sheba for $0.80. That makes them $0.20 a can.


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Purred: Mon Mar 25, '13 11:11pm PST 
Thanks for the tip, Brownie! way to go

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Purred: Tue Mar 26, '13 12:23pm PST 
Thanks Brownie! Mom and dad usually go to Target on Tuesday nights for grocery shopping. We'll check it out and see if they have any refills left. They got us two of those 4-packs of Sheba last week; maybe there will be some left when they go chopping tonight!