De Catting sheets...yuuuuck

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There were a bundle of sheets in the spare room that fell on the floor and I guess Chii-an old grumpy munchkin-found the perfect toilet. I put them in the washer with like three different soaks- bleach, baking soda, heavy scented soap and they still smell like litter box. I have a spray called OdoBan that someone said you can use in the wash...any suggestions? I don't want to toss the sheets.kitty

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Your might try Pine-Sol, put the sheets in the washing machine, and when there is some water in the tub, add about a quater cup of Pine Sol. This is an old "remedy" and should help. This can be purchased at any grocery store, or Dollar General or Family Dollar. They have a new Lavender fragrance which smells nice and fresh.

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Magic Zymes ...if you can't find it online, other enzymatic cleaners form pet stire work but MZ is best


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You might also try white vinegar. The ammonia in urine is a base, and soaking it in vinegar, an acid, may neutralize it. Worth a try.


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This is what my mom says works for her:

The only thing that I have ever found to really do the job is white vinegar, and a lot of it, and baking soda. And let it soak in the washer for hours, or all night. I am a big fan of vinegar, I clean houses and nothing cleans like it, or gets odors out of things like it. Good luck.


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Enzymes - Nature's Miracle, or similar. Oxyclean may work too. It is good for getting out blood & stains, otherwise I agree with the vinegar. Also I know it is cold out, but if you can hang them outside too, it may help. Felix wet on my pajama pants when he was littler - he couldn't get to the potty, and I sprayed them with Nature's, then soaked em with Oxy, and washed 2x in HOT water & I don't smell anything, and they have been on the floor again (oops) red face and no one peed on them...