At wits end over cat pee

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One of our cats has completely destroyed our home. She was a stray mama cat that I took in and spayed. I was playing on just putting her back out, but you all know how that goes. We have since moved and she made the move with us. We have lived in our current house for about a year and half. She has recently started spraying and peeing all over the place. We had to replace over a 1,000 square feet of carpet because of her and now she's peeing on the hardwood. She has sprayed on our new baseboards causing them to stain. She has peed on our couch, on our clothes, in her water dish, everywhere!

We have had extensive testing done (blood, urine, etc) and she checks out as a very healthy cat. We have tried Feliway to no avail. We have multiple litter boxes because we have one other cat as well. The litter box is kept clean.

Cheyenne is starting to come between me and my husband. He is ready to take her to an animal shelter, and I am reaching my wits end too. I would never take her to a shelter, but I'm thinking we might have to keep her in one of those outside pens. Does anyone have experience with those? Are they safe? Any other suggestions?


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As usual, dodging rocks...this kitty apparently is full grown and is not real happy inside; she might just have to live outside and take her chances. If you can get a cat dence, I hear those do work well. Just be sure to use flea/parasite control. I still worry what happened to poor old ringo, who someone neutered and declawed as an adult after he had been feral and I later adopted--he was caught in AC's trap and I thought some jerk had thrown him out. But when i did some floor work involving chemicals and HAD to open windows here he hauled a... never to be seen again-- he had peed indoors here and there the whole time i had him, and alwayds wanted out; I hope he survived. But, to put my view on your questiuon, I had tried everythingunder the sun and he would still pee outside (and in) the box. I just think he REALLY didn't want to be inside and had he not been declawed I would have let him be ann indoor/mostly out kitty even though I strongly disagree with cats having unrestricted access to outside.


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We built our indoor cats a pen attached to the house out of one of those carports you see all over the place for sale. Ours has a pet door so they can come and go in and out as they please but it could easily be a free-standing pen for your purposes. We used chain link fencing and a tall chain link gate, used flat sandstone for the floor, like a patio floor, this prevents dig outs and can be hosed to clean. If you have just a dirt floor it will begin to smell bad after a while. You would still have to have a litter box and some kind of shelter, we have little tikes playhouses in ours, the cats love it. There are a few pics on my page, they are before we put in the floor. The whole thing cost a little over a $1000, but if meowmy and daddy ever decide to after we are all gone, though not likely they will ever be catless, they can make a nice storage area out of it.


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Would you consider trying her in a diaper? My Mom has had two different cats that wore diapers because of peeing issues and that worked well for them. The diaper has a tail hole that allows the kitty to poop in the litter box normally, but it will catch any pee they decide to share. Just put a half of an incontinence pad inside the diaper and it will catch all the pee. The diapers my Mom uses are cloth and machine washable.