Walnut cat litter

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I saw an older thread about this, but wanted to revisit it. We recently switched from the Swheat litter to the BB litter with walnut shells. I just now noticed brown dust like cinnamon on my air conditioning vent cover. The reason we switched was because one of our cats has severe allergies. They won't use the pine stuff. I'm wondering if anyone has had any ill effects from using this litter with cats with allergies. So far, it doesn't seem to have helped with her sneezing, etc. Thanks! bobbi c.


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I would hesitate about using anything containing walnut. Because of their high levels of tannic acid, black walnut husks are used on hides to soften them to leather. Horse owners are warned not to use walnut shavings in their horse's bedding because it causes laminitis (an internal hoof inflamation that is extremely painful and causes a complete breakdown of the hoof and the horse has to be euthanized). Personally, from living in the country, I know that flowers or vegetable plants do not grow underneath a walnut tree.

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You are 100% right Shade and I'm glad you mentioned this. Walnuts are extremely toxic to cats and you're right that nothing grows around their roots.

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I have been using it for a while now-- first I was using one called "Purr and Simple" which is also walnut shells, and then I started using the Blue litter when they came out with theirs. It has not aggravated my cats' allergies. I can't use many other types of litter because my cats have both food and environmental allergies so I stay away from the corn/wheat litters due to food allergies and others due to the environmental ones... My cats are also prone to foot infections and they haven't had a problem with that on the walnut litter either (knock on wood!) I have had so much trouble finding a litter that will not track everywhere, has good odor control, won't get stuck in my cats' feet and won't aggravate their allergies but this one has been working out the best out of the things I've tried.
I use Tidy Cat Breeze boxes for most of the litterboxes, which uses special pellets instead of litter, but my cats protest if they don't have at least one box with actual litter in it.

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From the ASPCA:
BLACK Walnut
Scientific Name: Juglans nigra
Family: Juglandaceae
Where Found: Native to Northeastern U.S. and Canada.
Toxicity: Toxic to Horses, Non-Toxic to Cats, Toxic to Dogs

This litter uses English walnut shells. NOT BLACK walnut shells.

I am trying this litter to see if it will help with Pudgy's allergies and I like it so far except for the price.


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I saw the price of the BB litter and ran away. Ouch!! I'll keep looking for more coupons for Dr. Elsey litter. Are the pieces smooth? I worry the edges would be sharp on little paws.

PS, my Aunt had Black Walnut trees. Grass grow around them. But the bigger they got, the more shade they produced. The more shade, the more moss grow under them. They were too much work to get the hull off. They stained you.


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We've been using this for a while now and we don't mind it at all. It is about the same consistency as clay litter. My mom throws it outside under some trees when she changes the litter out completely and the only thing she has noticed is that it does not biodegrade as quickly as the sweatscoop does.

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They don't really have edges, the consistency is not really like shards of walnut shell, but more granular or crumb like. Not sharp at all.


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I stand corrected. hail
By coincidence, there's an article in the October 2012 issue of Cat Fancy magazine regarding the latest innovation in cat litter:

New to the cat marketplace, walnut-based cat litter is a clumping and non-clumping type of litter made from materials found in walnut shells. According to Wilton, Conn.-based manufactuer Blue Buffalo Co., which recently released its Naturally Fresh litter, a proprietary blend of the fibrous materials found in the shells have been proven in laboratory tests to effectively neutralize litterbox odors. The company says other benefits include harder and faster clumping action, low dust and tracking, and no added chemicals or toxins. Plus, the all-natural litter is annually renewable and biodegradable when composted.