Please Help Pissed Off Husband

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Ok I really really need some help here my husband is the desicnated "pooper scooper" and hes at his wits end about are cats right now and is talking about geting rid of one of them. We have three cat boxes one thats covered in the bath room and two in a back room that are not covered and used the most. Im thinking that hes fills the boxes too full and the litter gets shoved out of the boxes by them just pawing around. Another problum we are having is that when the boxes have been used once or twice they start going out of the box but its mostlly pee and I think its are little girl who backs up too far from the box and misses all togeather. Im thinking that Im just going to have to take over the "pooper scooper" duty, put cat box lips on the open boxes, open up and maybe move and open up the box in the bath room and cleen the back room really good. Any sugestions will be vary vary helpfull I dont think I could stomic geting rid of eather one of my babys.


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Ahhhhhhhhh, I love taking on these people. I used to be in that position, not no more, not never no more.

Tell your husband, if he tries to "get rid" of any of the cats, he is going to jail, and, you can tell him, I said so. And, feel free, to put him on here. I got leverage, he don't even want to think about taking on.

To get you started, do you have children, are you planning on having children, children make messes, lots of them, ask him, is he planning on getting rid of the children too, that fur sure, will land him in jail. Do you make a mess, well heck ya, we all do, is he planning on getting rid of you? Next time he makes a mess, tell him, you are getting rid of him.

In whose name, is the house/apt? Who pays the bills? In whose name, is the vet receipts?

If he tries too, tell him, he really, does not, want me coming on up, to AL, and I got way too many show friends, that will be coming up with me, people he don't want, to take on, like high up powerful people.

In the meantime, you best take over kitty box duty.

Take off the cover, some kitties don't like it, its too confining, kinda like you trying to use a small stall in a public place, and it holds in the smell, remember, they are right above the box level, kinda like you hovering your face over the toilet.

Make sure your boxes are good size. Get the very large ones. I have small boxes, that I take to shows with me and the hotels. I leave them out, so they are used to them. On occassion, one will hang his bee hind, over the side. I have newspaper under them for accidents. I also have large boxes, they use all of them.

They are going to track litter out, when they cover up their stuff and when they get in and out, thats just how it is. Mine are in the bathroom, I just sweep it up.

Some take a large tote, like the 18 gal kind, take the top off, and cut a large hole in the side, like near the top, they can better explain it, kitties jump in and out, might still be some litter tracked off their paws, but it eliminates the spillage when they cover it up.

Make sure you, not the monster man, but you, pick every day.

What kind of litter are you using. The scoopable one works best, I use Cats Pride, the scoopable in the jug.

Make sure, the boxes are not in a high traffic area, not near washer/dryer that can come on suddenly and scare kitty. Make sure other pets or humans in the household, are not picking on kitties or keeping them away from the boxes.

If you are doing all of the above, and the kitty is still peeing outside the box, then you have a kitty that is either blocked or has urinary issues, which is not his fault, and he needs to go to the vet. They associate the pain with the box.

Since your husband, is such a mean person, the cats sense that he does not like them, that causes household stress, and would cause them not to use the box, which, by the way, how does he treat you?


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Your husband may be, in part, frustrated with being the only one cleaning up after the kitties. If you take over litter box duties, or do it at least half the time, he might feel less resentment.

As far as peeing over the edge of the litter box goes, you could try a large box with high sides. In our family, we have two elevator-butt pee-ers and actually use 18-20 gallon storage totes with entrances cut out and the lids on the floor in front to catch tracked litter and the occasional urine stream that shoots out the entrance. They seem to help prevent potential messes!
way to go

Good luck! Keep us posted!

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Tell Hubby he should move here....Mommy and Daddy share 'box duties' (ahem, that means the scoop the boxes, not make duty in them!)

Take over the box duty if it bothers him so much. He needs a reality check, because we agree with Bumpurrs mom. Here, it's a joint mom/dad effort and Daddy even has to come home mid day on Tue/Wed because Mommy has school late and we can't wait for another meal/box cleaning til 11pm from morning.

You know, we are very clean and some of us don't like using the box after it's been soiled. We suggest perhaps another box, and doing as you said. We also suggest perhaps changing to a different litter-we've heard Dr. Elseys is good.

Scooping isn't fun, but it is a way for kitty pawrents to gain knowledge about how we are doing, becuase alot of pee or poop can tell a story! Mommy says her dog friends are always amazed that she can identify who's made the poop or pee pee by smell, size and shape! Mom musta took lessons from Poopolgy, right?

Please take a deep breath, have your husband take a deep breath, and tell him that you appreciate his efforts, and that kitties like a clean box, and it sounds like one of the kitties is a real digger....we have those, too. (Daddy's nickname for Smokie is Digger). Prinny will drive you crazy with burying and it's one of the reasons all the boxes here are covered....because otherwise the litter would be everywhere.

purring for you guys...

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I do the litter here. I use Stop and Shop, no deordorant, that clumps and Dr. Elseys' for kittens only. Dr. Elsey makes great litter but it is so heavy to pick up to bring home. It has less dust.
Now, there should be at least one extra box plus one per cat. I will have four here. My angel cat used to use one for pee and the other for poop. Each cat is different. My husband will feed them so that is fine with me. When I do it, I am on the daily removal of it. He would forget to pick it up.
Again, if they are peeing outside, it may be an urinary tract problem. Have a vet check it.
When you change litter, it should be done slowly too- add the new litter over days.....


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I ended up taking over the poo poo duty's for Mon, Tus, Wen, Thur, and while I was a my job I got two high sided tote boxes to replace a couple of the littler boxes we had be having issues with and marked on the sides where the litter should be filled to just in case someone gets a little poor happy. So far it has seemed to solve all of the issues we had be having with are fling happy monsters.

Just for the record my husband was really just frustrated with it and needed to vent he really does love having them. Jason loves to pick up Sebastian and hold him like a baby to rub his tummy and talk to him its the cutest thing in the world. But hes still learning about taking care of animals scene he has really never had a pet as a kid. I should have known better than to just leave him to the poo poo without any reference points.


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sounds good! I was going to suggest what I did. At Target I got the Sterlite 66qt clear bins, and Maizy doesn't spritstle over the edge anymore - they are plenty big for big-boy Smitty. There is still some litter on the floor, it does get stuck in paws, but I put the lid for the bin in front of them, and it helps contain it. cheer


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So glad everything worked out!