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So, this is a question about clumping clay litter.

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Hi all, We've got questions about cat litter. After trying silica crystals and the World's Best corn litter, we decided to try Dr. Elsey's scoopable litter. We really like it for its odor control, low tracking and its affordable price. And it clumps well. Our question is this: How much litter of this type should be in the box? We've got two boxes (one is mega-sized and one is jumbo sized) and both are filled to a depth of 3-4 inches, as seems to be recommended by the package and by other cat caregivers. We scoop 2-3 times a day but even with that depth and the amount of scooping, we are finding some urine clumps stuck on the bottom of the box that are very difficult to remove and break apart which essentially defeats the purpose of clumping litter. The ones that do clump are nice, hard balls that are easily scooped. Does anyone else have this problem with clumping clay litter? Are we not using enough? Too much? Help?!?!

Thanks and have a good one : )


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I have large boxes and I have smaller boxes, that I take to shows, and I leave them out, so they are used to using the smaller boxes, all are deep. I bed 6 inches. I never ever had a prob, with the pees sticking to the bottom, in the large or small boxes. I also use Cats Pride, the scoopable one, in the jug. I pick once a day, and my boxes never smell. If the pees are sticking to the bottom, your not bedding deep enough. Hope this helps. Sorry, still not in the smiley mode yet.


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Thanks for the reply! We will add some more litter to make it deeper and see if that helps but that will be like 30 pounds of litter in each box, maybe that's normal...haha. We also think one of us (Kosmo) digs in the box a lot which would contribute to the problem. Mom is relatively new to cats and certain things about felines are very mystifying to her : )


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We also had that problem with Dr. Elseys but have not had as much problem with other clumping litters. The Elseys was especially cement like. I've found, no matter how much I put (and we do 3-4 inches deep) they will pee near the sides so clumps will stick a bit. Tidy Cat and Fresh Step (we use the unscented) both released much easier from the side of the box. We also read a tip to bang on the outside of the box where the clump is to make it release rather than trying to scoop it off. They are much less likely to break that way.

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So we added more litter yesterday afternoon so now we're at a depth pf 5 inches or so. Last night there were no clumps stuck to the bottom but this morning's 'scoop' was the real test since 12 hours had gone by since the last scooping. Happily, we think the extra litter solved the problem because there was nothing stuck to the bottom of either box! Yay!

I guess more is more in this case...especially for a kitty who likes to dig!

Thanks again for the replies : )


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We had the same problem with Dr. Elseys, it was like cement at the bottom. I could not fill the boxes too much as I have two long hair cats, and you are not supposed to have very deep litter. I have found a really good litter, but is probably only available in Canada. It is very much like Worlds best, but way cheaper, I actually like it better than worlds best because its wheat, not corn. Corn when it gets wet grows mycotoxins, so that is really bad for kitties, just like the ingredients that are in clumping clay litter.
When you scoop just make sure you wear a mask, that stuff is not good for your lungs, or kitties lungs.

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Yeah, same issue with Dr. Elsey's. Its a good, natural litter but doesn't seem to clump the moisture quote as well as some others. Also, is is pretty cement-like when it dries on the box. After finding a good source for Scoop Away coupons , we tried that and are quite satisfied. It's not an all-natural cat litter, but it is very version convenient and pretty well price. A lot of other people rave about Dr. Elsey's, though...?