What to use for litter disposal?

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My city is very "green" and has switched to all paper bags at grocery stores. I used to use the bags for kitty litter disposal and now I'm wondering what to use? The actual disposal bags are not cheap to buy! A friend of mine got some at the dollar store but I can't find them here.

What do you all use? I don't take out trash daily do cant just add it to my big bag/bin.thinking


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We buy regular small trash bags that come in a little roll. I'm guessing the expensive ones you refer to are sold for pet use? These are just regular small bags in the trash bag section. (We use them when we are running short on plastic grocery bags.)

We then put them in an old Tidy Cat large bucket in the garage until we dump the bucket into the dumpster in our alley. I learned quickly that even if you do take out the trash daily, you can't have that stuff in your house (even tied up in a plastic bag.) PU smile

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Do the supermarkets not have the plastic bags in the produce section anymore? thinking That's what Human uses shhwink

Can you do your grocery shopping outside the city and take extra plastic bags from there? wink

Ask friends and family who live in other places to save their plastic bags for you and send them when they get a big bunch. Maybe even try posting on your local FreeCycle.org group. Most Humans have a big crumpled stash of plastic bags in the house somewhere.


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Mom also uses the little plastic bags that come on a roll for the litter box waste and they work great and are also used for the bathroom garbage since the can is small. They are the 4-gallon size and we get them at Target. Plastic bags are also banned in our city so we use those plus scavenge as many plastic grocery bags as we can from friends and stores outside San Jose.

Good luck!

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I have a product called the Litter Champ Disposal System, works great and refill bags are cheap and also biodegradable. I just looked to see if Drs. Foster and Smith still carry it and they do. Thats where I bought mine, however I paid full price and right now its on sale. It has a 4.8 out of 5 star rating. Might be something you would like.

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We purchase our cat litter in the 35lb buckets that Tidy Cat makes. When we were done with one container we saved it. Now we use the plastic bucket it originally came in. It holds a lot and you can sprinkle a lit bit of deodorant in if you want but it's not necessary. Then the lid gets closed until next time. The smell is locked in the container and the best thing is that it has a handle to carry it to the trash and dump it when it's filled. It can also be hosed down to keep it clean. I am thinking of using some as feral cat houses. The flap can be kept open so the cats can get in and out. They are a decent size and can be insulated and stacked for multiple cats.


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A Litter Genie. You will only have to throw the big bag out once a week. At least that's what my human does. That's with 2 cats. The refills can be pricey but oh so worth it. You can get regular trash bags and use them. Here's a link on how to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ukBowjbfVO0

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I put my used litter in a grocery sack and then tie it off and place in the garbage. We don't have any issues with the house smelling.