Front load washer and cats

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Purred: Tue Jul 26, '11 7:08pm PST 
I was over another forum where I'm reading about FL washers. They say you have to leave the washer door open after laundry day to get moisture out. They stink or mold.

Is anyone having problems leaving the door open and your kitty explores inside the washer?? It sounded great to save money with a FL washer but I'm thinking this could be a really bad thing. I always had to watch out for Honey. She alway want to see inside the dryer.


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Purred: Fri Jul 29, '11 1:17pm PST 
I don't have a front load washer, but I know what you mean about the dryer. Link has jumped into the dryer before when I was removing clothes, but it's never been a problem. A friend of mine had a co-worker who started the dryer once with a cat in it, so I've always been paranoid about it and check that the dryer is cat-free.

If you want a front loading washer, don't let your cat be the reason you don't get it. Just check that Honey isn't in there before you start it up.