Mat for under litter box

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Purred: Sat Jun 18, '11 1:53pm PST 
I will be moving soon to a place where the only option for the litter box is on carpet. I don't currently have a mat or rug under Isabelle's litter box, as she scratches it to death and it ends up destroyed or pulled into her litter box (yes, even the hard plastic ones). shrug

So, I'm wondering if anyone has ideas for something to put under the box that can't be scratched up and can easily be vacuumed. I'm thinking like a very large lid to a storage container, but can I buy just a lid?? I also have a hard plastic chair mat (like from an office) that is big enough and she *might* not be able to scratch it up.

Any other ideas? Cheap? smile


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Look at Home Depot or Lowe's for the trays that go underneath washing machines. They're large, and they have a lip to catch any stray litter.

Hope this helps!
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Wal-Mart also sells mats especially to put under litter boxes. I use one myself, and it has the lip to catch any stray litter.

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Scotch (as in tape) puts out a great litter mat that's thick and heavy and really does get all the litter! It costs $25-35, but it's worth it! I got it at my local Petsmart.


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Well I found one that felt heavy enough that she couldn't flip it up over the box and guess what? Now she jumps OVER the mat out of the box! eek Kind of defeats the purpose! Ha Ha! Next stop is that tray for under a washing machine, but now wondering if she will set new kitty olympic records for the long jump trying to avoid that, too? big laugh


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Hello, Isabelle,

Oh yes...am familiar with your problem. I have three kitties. And while their litter box, a large, corner-shaped one, is on a vinyl floor--the mess. I finally consulted with a great gal at my local PetsMart. She offered me a very large blue mat that has a "scruffy" texture and is pretty solidly made. It provides about 2-3 inches of coverage beyond the litter box itself.

Have used it now for several years. When I do my house vacuuming, I vacuum the mat.

However, this does not mean that I don't still occasionally have to sweep up around the litter box area. But this sure beats my former solution--newspaper.

Hope this helps.



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This may be a bit late to the party, but my cats were terrified of the mat when I brought it home. Solution? Treats on the mat, big praise when they stepped on to use the bathroom.. Bribes always win.