Litter Robot? Anyone have one??

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I've been researching automatic litter box cleaners. I came across the Litter Robot. Does anyone have one of these and if so, could you tell me the pros/cons? It's not cheap and I want to be sure that I'm making the right decision! Lorenzo will be coming home in about a week (he's a rescue kitty)



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I don't know anything about them - we just have regular ole boxes, but I wanted to congratulate you on your new kitty!

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We tried the litter robot, but Kiki is too skittish to use it. She didn't have a covered litter box; if your cat uses a covered one now (or first), it might be more likely to work out. Also if the cat isn't as nervous and anxious. Litter Robot does offer a money back guarantee within a certain number of days after you buy or receive it, and we used that to get our money back. They did honor it.

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I never heard of a litter robot, but congratulations on Lorenzo coming home!


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We love the Litter Robot! Pros-- no more scooping litter. If you have one cat, its especially easy to use, and won't require refilling very often. It uses far less litter than any normal litterbox, and you can still check their stools in the container below the globe to monitor their health and stool regularity. It does a great job of catching even finer particles of litter, and containing the smell. Comes with plastic bags to fit into the containers which you just throw out. You can adjust for it to go off depending on how sensitive you decide the sensor should be. Great customer service, guarantee, and a good deal on the refurbished units too! Even the refurbished ones are sturdy and last a good long while w/o breaking.

Cons: its big and takes up quite a bit of space. Some litter spray when they exit the litter robot is normal (like any other litter box). Dissembling the 2 parts is a cinch, but it is big so cleaning once a month (hosing and disinfecting down) can be a bit of a pain but still worth the convenience. The prior models didn't have the lip, so it wasn't as comfortable for larger cats (12 pounds plus).

Latest additions: They have added a new lip to the entrance, which gives the cat more room to go potty and contains litter better as they exit.


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Congrats on ur new kitty! smile

I have not heard of this but sounds interesting, I might have to check it out.


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We're on our second Litter Robot and wouldn't be without one. Easily the best option we've found, but just an FYI if you're a ;light sleeper and the box is near you it may wake you up. The quality of the unit is very good and our first latest 5 years with two cats.

They recently had a deal too where you could buy one and they would spread out the payments interest free.

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Living in a high-rise condo, I can't imagine having cats without the litter robot. I love that thing! I have a scaredy-cat, but she got used to it right away. The website for the litter robot has instructions for things you can do to help your cat get used to it.

I am going to get the extra lip that they have on the new version, since it was made so that it fits older models, too. Those litter robot engineers are smart cookies! smile


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I say.. waste of money.. get a scooper and use some good ole fashioned elbow grease and clean it the natural way(with your hooman peeples scooping)


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L-U-V our Litter Robot! We have 3 cats, small, medium, and...er...um..."husky" and they all use it. Whenever the day comes when we need a new litter box, we will definately get another Litter Robot. We have it in our laundry room, and they all took to it easily! They've had it since November 2009, and it's still perfect! Topaz is still fascinated with it...it has a mechanism that senses when a cat is inside, and will wait 8 minutes before cycling. If a cat decides to enter, it's weight on the step pauses the dome from continuing it's cycle...well, Topaz loves to watch it cycle, and then stop it herself, step away, and watch it cycle (you get the gyst). She still gets a kick out of it; so it's a litter box, and a source of kitty entertainment! Well worth the $$$