Litter Robot?

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I've wanted an automatic cat toilet (well, toilets) for some time, but it seemed that everyone was having problems with the Litter Maid, and I gave up on the idea. But recently a friend told me he uses the Litter Robot (the spherical one) and likes it. You can use non-clay litters and any kind of trash bag that fits, which are two big advantages. It's almost $500 here(eek!), quite a bit more than a Litter Maid, but it does seem to get better reviews, at least in Japan. At present, you can only get three automated toilets--the Litter Maid, the Litter Robot, and one other whose name I've forgotten because I don't want it (it washes and "dries" a special litter). Anybody have experience with the Litter Robot? I know that there have been discussions about automatic toilets before, but I'd appreciate any feedback you may have.

If there's an even better automated litter box out there, I could probably order it from the U.S., so if you have any recommendations, please let me know.


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Somebody? Please?


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I've got a Litter Maid...and it's broken. The first time it broke we were able to fix it but this time it's beyond repair. It's now sitting in the laundry room doubling as the most expensive standard litter box ever.

I'm in the market for something new, but haven't a clue what to get. The Scoop Away one is ridiculously expensive to refill ($15 per cartridge) so that is out of the question. There was another I saw yesterday but it looks too small for my cat.


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We have a Litter Maid, and we also have the Scoop Free. You can get a forever tray for them for $30.00 and they work great!

The Litter Maid works best so far with World's Best Cat litter.

I know a few people who have the Litter Robot, and they love it. But you are right - they are super expensive.

Hope that helps


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I had a friend who had the Litter Robot... said it was a waste of money (considered buying it). I forgot exactly why, but that was all I needed to hear! If you want, I can ask again why she said it was a waste of moola. I think it broke or something.


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We have 3 cats and we all LOVE our Litter Robot! We considered the Litter Genie (the one that washes and dries) but the acessories seemed to add to much cost. Sure the upfront cost is a little pricey (ours was under $400) but we've never had a problem and never regretted it! We've had it since Nov. 2009, and my husband even said that IF it were to break down today, he'd buy a new Littler Robot in a heartbeat! Good luck!

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That's ridiculous. Just because ONE person or even a few said it broke down - you won't get one?

If you did your home work and was serious about getting one - you'd see from reviews and other forums that Litter Robot stand behind their products and would send you the parts to fix it or make it right somehow.

I have had mine since 2006 and it is still trucking. I have save enough money in just the litter it saves me to buy another one in the first year. Not to mention you can use Dollar Store white Bags for the poo - 25 for $1.

You were never serious about getting one to begin with or you wouldn't have taken ONE PERSONS WORD for it.