Bathing a cat

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Purred: Wed Mar 30, '11 11:42pm PST 
I wish Keegan would sit still for that long! I know that the reason that grease fighting soap kills fleas is that they have an oil based body. I mix a little bit of dawn with fluffy kitten shampoo It works really well and the kitten shampoo keeps the coat more conditioned, and it washes out really fast.


the ginja ninja
Purred: Thu Mar 31, '11 5:16am PST 
It was like trying to hold a stiff snake mol. But we have to do it again. He has a patch at the base of his tail that looks like it's been shaved off too, maybe he has been over grooming.

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Purred: Thu Jun 16, '11 6:47pm PST 
Dawn dish soap is the best. That's what rescuers use to bathe birds they rescue from oil spills.

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Purred: Thu Jun 30, '11 10:17pm PST 
At the clinic we use a large metal bucket which we gently place the kittys in with it already filled with water, they love to hang on to the sides while we scrub, the kittys seem to do well when they can hang on.
We have tried to give baths in the tub with a tub mat on the bottom but the kittys still fussed around, hanging on made a world of difference. I now do this at home, works wonders.
Oh, I have to agree with the poster who said to use Dawn, we use it to get all sorts of junk off of cats and dogs, followed by a nice shampoo and conditioner. Works great on grease, oil, skunk smell (gross) poo, and urine.
Best bathing wishes.

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