Cleaning Products that are TOXIC To Kitties

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Merlin - An Angel- Forever

Purred: Sat Mar 5, '11 6:42pm PST 
Leroy just likes to get into everything and that includes licking stuff he's not supposed to shrug

Simple Green fortunately isn't as toxic as some other cleaners out there but it still made Leroy's tummy feel icky for a couple days.

A solution of vinegar and baking soda can be used as a general all purpose cleaner. Mix 1/2 cup of white vinegar and 1/4 cup of baking soda in 1/2 gallon of water.

Non-toxic household cleaning tips


Psycho-kitty at- the Rainbow- Bridge
Purred: Mon Mar 7, '11 1:22pm PST 
I use vinegar/water (1:1 ratio) to clean Pookie's water dish -- it breaks up the lime scale from the hard water. Straight vinegar is probably effective, too (if you can stand the smell). I also use Oxyclean to clean carpet stains and it doesn't seem to bother Pookie.

I hope this helps! wave

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Purred: Tue Mar 8, '11 6:52pm PST 
GRRR… the smell of vinegar makes me sick, I cannot stand it. red face I actually clean their food bowls with regular dish soap and their own sponge?

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