Feline Pine - Box Cleaning Ideas?

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For the last few weeks we've noticed that in order for him to cover in the box, he needs to get out and walk around it to do so. He's not that big (I'm thinking still under 10 lbs), but he is longer than the sifting Feline Pine litter box.

And now I'm wondering if this has been his problem all along... but I digress.

We want to continue to use the Feline Pine pellets, but they do not make a sifting box larger than the one we have. Anyone use this litter that has tips on how to clean up without the sifting? I hate the idea of tossing unused pellets.

I was thinking maybe liners would help - I could lift and hold onto the unused pellets, empty the sawdust, and place back into the box. That's about all I can think of.

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I use Feline pine pellets for my older female, in a covered box. I use a big black contractors bag in the box, which is a large box, because she has some issues with arthritis and moving around.
I let the pellets turn to sawdust, pick up and shake the box.
My boxes are changed weekly. We just find it's best that way. Occasionally Natalie will use the box as well.
We shake the box to redistribute litter throughout the week.

Don't know if that helps?

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Two suggestions. 1) PetsMart had an ad in the Sunday paper, showing an extra large covered cat litter box.

2) At Wal-Mart saw a scoop made of metal that is REALLY large, I commented to another customer that must be for people who keep moutain lions as pets. But, since the "slots" were larger it might help in scooping out "used" pellets.

Hope this is of some help.

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Is it possible that he dosen't like the litter? When I got my cat Mason, they had been using Feline Pine at the rescue so I got a bag. However when we got home, he did not go the bathroom the entire night. I went online and saw some forums that said some cats prefer clumping litter because it resembles dirt. I ran out and got some clumping litter and as soon as I put it in his box, he went. I'd prefer to use something else, but as long as he is using his litter box, then I'm happysmile


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He eats other litter.

He ate the clay, that got tossed.
He ate the wheat stuff, that also got tossed.

I put a box with the wheat out recently to see if his pooping outside the box was because of the pine, but he wouldn't go near it. Besides, he's not just pooping outside the box, he's middening.


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Would the Feline Pine Clumping litter be of any benefit for you?