Weapons-grade poo smell

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Purred: Mon Jan 31, '11 7:59am PST 
OTOH, now that mom has a human baby, I'm merely the stinkiest cat in the house, not the stinkiest creature. wink

P.S. Penn & Teller's mom, bloody poo tells me that something in some of the food they eat is irritating their bowels. Either that, or there's some parasite there that your vet has failed to nab.


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Boris, does Gracie really clears out entire stadiums? MOL laugh out loud

I bets, ya can rent her out, to the Packers, or the Steelers, for the Supey Bow, mol, to the highest bidder, of
course, mol, mol, mol. big laugh

My mommy uses Cats Pride, the scoopable one, in the gy-gunda, jug, and she adds 1 box baking soda, our poopies doesn't smelly, mol, mol, mol. way to go dancing


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Purred: Mon Jan 31, '11 5:17pm PST 
i had bloody poo that was diaherra once when i was kitten. my momma took me to vet and i had colitis which is an inflamed colon. and the vet put me yucky meds.


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Purred: Wed Feb 2, '11 2:23am PST 
My cats and I all have really stinky feces. And the odor is the same. I'm going to get my (human) stools checked for some zoonotic parasite. Also my stools are dark green and stick to the side of the toilet bowl. I find it odd that the odor is the same...and no, I don't poop in a litter box.


Japanese Bobtail
Purred: Wed Feb 2, '11 12:47pm PST 
Oh da poopie subject.. my poop neva stinks.. really it dont.
And when I fart its not a fart its a purt ..purrrrrt ya know the lady-like type o purt.big laugh

KuJu Ku

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Purred: Wed Feb 2, '11 12:49pm PST 
Now me on the other hand eat the same type as the cat above, we are siblings, my poop has a stronger oder dan my sisfur,
mom says she cant wait to Grand me cause shes going to shave my britches, cause they are so long they get in the poopy I just pooped. And as far as farts go, I usually fart when my pawrents pick me up.. its like squeezing the excess gas outta me..

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I can sympathize. Normally my cats eat TOTW dry and Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul wet. Well, this week we had a major snow storm (SE Michigan) so we weren't able to get out to the store we get it from to stock up. So we bought a few cans of Friskies from the grocery store to just get us through the week. OMG. The smell is like death. Blegh! Always nice to have a big time reminder of why food is so important confused As for litter, I also use Dr. Elsey's precious cat.

Penn & Teller

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Purred: Thu Feb 3, '11 5:32am PST 
No one Can find out what's wrong with muh smelly cats. If it was just one it could be like ok it's just you, you're a smelly little dude but it's both and it's since I took them home. We've run test after test with clears results excepts for an overgrowth of good bacteria in Teller's rectal passages. So both of them were put on amoxicillin. It's just like wow ya know what are the odds of having the two of the smeliiest cats?! Im just really starting to worry that we are missing something frown

Hunter- *Dreamboat- #82*

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Purred: Thu Feb 3, '11 5:58am PST 
awwww I feel bad! it has to be a mixture of the food/some sort of parasite. I know when Hunter eats Merrick (the entrees) he has almost like pastey poop. However if he eats Merrick BG, he is fine. Also, Wellness did a number on his poops as well. It got so bad, he had to be on medicine. He refuses to eat it now. Fancy Feast makes his poops smell a little worse. When he eats Addiction food, hardly no smells, same with Weruva. I find the higher the quality of food, the less smell. Natures Variety seems to be a good one as well.

I think you might need a second opinion. Have them tested again for different parasites. And if they are both fine, you might just have 2 stinky boys on your hands!

At first it was funny, you know smelling really bad. But I know if it was Hunter, I'd be searching for a solution as well. Did you try to google it? Hope you find answers to the poopie problem! Keep us updated!

Hunter- *Dreamboat- #82*

Master of- Disaster!
Purred: Thu Feb 3, '11 6:09am PST 
So I googled it. I love a challenge. Anyway, I read it could be an anal sac infection. I also saw that they might be allergic to something in the food you're giving them. Maybe try Natures Balance Limited Ingredient diet for a little while and see how that goes. Then slowly go up from there. Just a couple suggestions for you. shrug

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