The Litter Pod

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Purred: Sat Jan 22, '11 2:24am PST 
Has anyone tried the Litter Pod? I was at Walmart tonight when I came across it. It seems ideal for my household since I have 4 cats, but it's around $33. I don't mind spending the money, but only if it actually works.

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Purred: Thu Jan 27, '11 7:37pm PST 
We just read your post and I a not sure what the litter pod is. There are five kitties here so if it is something that will make litter box mess easier, we should would like to try it, ummm have to get mom to check it out next time she or dad go there to wal-mart.
does anyone else here know aobut it?


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Purred: Tue Feb 1, '11 7:35pm PST 
This is Mordred's mom. I got curious about this, never having heard of it, and checked it out at Walmart. The reviews are simply aww-fulll! According to people who'd purchased it, the box part is way too shallow, and one person had to put a puppy pad under it to keep urine from dripping out. Yuck. Doesn't sound like anything I want in *my* home.