Major flaw with Tidy Cats Breeze litter boxes!

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Purred: Mon Jan 17, '11 7:48pm PST 
Don't get me wrong, I love it for the mere fact that my cats don't track litter all over our house anymore. Since Hobie's been sick though we've had to revert back to the regular old boxes with Tidy Cats.

Once the poo epidemic is over we'll go back to the Breeze. I was able to order the pads and pellets in bulk on amazon with free shipping, so it's a bit cheaper.

Great idea on the alternatives Hawkeye! Someone else mentioned using Cyprus pellets?? If you're really interested in it, the Tidy Cats website has really great coupons for it. We got $20 off the box and $5 off additional pads/pellets. Otherwise I would have hesitated because it's wildly expensive. The pellets last quite awhile, but I think I'll take your advice on the puppy pads. With Hobie's urinary issues I'd like to change those more frequently.

Also, in case anyone is interested, our Petsmart actually carries stainless steel litter boxes now. I was VERY interested seeing as how Hobie is allergic to plastic, and if I had not already bought the Breeze I would have gotten those.

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Purred: Fri Jan 21, '11 11:09am PST 
Stainless steel litter boxes!

It's a chore to keep odor out of plastic. Plastic absorbs odors and after a while most cats will no longer use the box. Humans don't smell as well as cats, but the cats can smell the stinky. Liners work but the cost adds up when you need a number of boxes. Our litter boxes get soaked in bleach water once a week. Seven litter boxes ... one every day.

Those covered with a hinged door litter boxes cost us $20.00 each and they are gonna last.

Oh, another savings tip. Our litter box filters get soaked in bleach water too, dried, wrapped in a cheap dryer sheet, and put back in place. The filters get replaced about every 12 to 18 months depending.


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Hi! I have 2 little curious kids, so Mika's litter box has to stay in our master bathroom closet.
Soon enough I realized I'm allergic to clumping litter.
So we switched to BREEZE. So far it has only been a couple of months, but it was awesome! No pee smell what so ever, and I mean it ( I sleep 10 ft away from it). Mika took to it no problem.
Untill this morning. The pee pad has moved to the side, and the pull out bottom was filled with the yellow disgust!!! Mika, how such cutie pie produce this horrible awfulness????
Other then this morning "delight" we never had a problem)))


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I think it helps if you use a little extra amount of pellets. I often use more than 1 bag of pellets per box (I use one and half, or less, of a second bag) and when a cat had loose stools it did not sink all the way down to the bottom (I guess because of the extra pellets) so I was able to scoop most of it out and just wipe the rest up without too much trouble.

I read on the Breeze website that you should not use puppy pads in the Breeze box.
This is what it says:
"Can I use other absorbent pads such as a “puppy pad” in the BREEZE Litter System?
No. The BREEZE Cat Pad is specially-designed to accommodate up to one weeks worth of urine for a single cat. Other pads are not designed to accommodate this amount of liquid. The BREEZE Cat Pad is also designed with antimicrobial additives that minimize odor-causing microbial growth. In addition, the BREEZE Cat Pad is the proper size and shape to fit perfectly in the BREEZE Litter System. The BREEZE Cat Pad must be inserted soft side up."

This makes sense to me because I've had to deal with puppy pads when I was petsitting a friend's Chihuahua, and even if he just peed once the area where he did was all soggy and you could smell it, unlike how it is when the cats use the Breeze pads.

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I swear by the Breeze Litter system. We have 4 cats in the family. Sometimes we use 2 Breeze liter boxes, sometimes we use only 1 litter box for all 4 cats. However, we scoop the poop as soon as it happens. With 4 cats, we change the litter pad once or twice a day.

The most appealing features of Breeze are cats do not track dust and, more importantly, they are not breathing any dust. Can't imagine it is healthy for cats or humans to breathe litter dust.


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Purred: Fri Jan 18, '13 4:22am PST 
So far, i love my Breeze litter boxes. I have three cats, and two Breeze boxes. I do also have two regular boxes, because I've only had them a month and one cat seems resistant to pooping in it. Actually, my oldest cat loves to pee in it, but prefers to poop in her old regular box. I did put feline pine in her old litter box, because I HATE litter tracking.....biggest pet peeve ever. She was a little resistant to even the feline pine, but I keep it immaculately clean and so far she has not gone outside of the box. My hope is that she will eventually poop in the Breeze and I can get rid of the old box. I only smell urine when I clean it and WOW, then it will knock you out, but that is only when you go to clean it. NO smell at all before disturbing it though. I clean out the tray with a little lavender (all natural and safe) spray and I have yet to change the pellets, since it has not been quite a month since we have had them, but the pellets do not appear to be grody yet, but I do scoop the poop as soon as I see it. I LOVE these litter boxes so far....LOVE!!!!


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I meant to add that I do think that when it's time to change out the pellets that the box should probably be taken out and hosed down. This box is for those that don't mind scooping it daily or every time there is a poop, but if you are the kind (my daughter) who prefers to just scoop every few days and change when it's pretty gross, then this is not the litter box for you. I think the cats actually like it, because it is very clean....once they get past that the litter feels different under their feet. I would think they would like not having all that litter stuck to their paws though, cats being clean like they are. Just my .02!


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Purred: Sun Jan 20, '13 9:42am PST 
I should work for tidy cat the way I'm promoting the Breeze...but I promise I don't! I just love it myself. It is currently on sale at Pet Smart for $29, plus there is a $10 coupon inside the box, and my store let me open the box and take the coupon out and use it on that purchase, so I got it for $19! Now that is a deal. I could not see myself ever paying the $34 that it sells for at Target or anywhere else, but $19 is a deal. And I know the pellets cost $7.99 a bag and the 4 pack of pads cost $4.99, and I change those once a week (pads) and pellets once a month, but I think I spent WAY more on litter. It seemed I was always buying the 35 pound container of litter several times a month. I would recommend putting something like a shower curtain liner or some type of plastic or waterproof pad under the box in case it does leak, because I can see how that might happen and it would be disgusting. However, I think that if that did happen, it's not the litterboxes fault, but the fault of the person who didn't keep up with keeping it clean. I do occasionally rotate the tray with the pad around, since they seem to pee in the same spot and it can get soaked in one spot while the rest stays dry. Just my .02. I love these things....but they are not for the person who wants to just mess with the litter box once a week, but rather the person who is like me that checks the box daily and scoops poop as soon as I see it. Great invention cheer


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Googling for cheapest pad price I found this forum. I had to chime in. First - I've been using them almost since they were first available. I have many of them because they do get gunky, so having extras to swap in was good. For a while, they were the only boxes before I found one that, with a similar concept, has a container for the pee so it can be flushed.

It is a problem if someone has soft poop - and I do wish there were harder pellets available - something like large fish gravel, but smooth glass (like a glass pearl without a hole). Washable, etc.

But the reason I'm responding - I had a cat block for the first time in 33 years, so he had a p.u. last Friday. The box is great - I don't have to change litter because the pellets will not stick or contaminate the surgical site; and I can easily monitor pee output quantity, color, internal bleeding (only at first! relieved), etc.

I love these boxes! applause


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I love my Breeze boxes too! Stephano actually got into some cheeze its the other day and got the $*&#@, and that was not fun, but for the most part, my cats have perfect poops, so the Breeze is great for us. We have two for our three cats, and we love it. The other box has feline pine, which does track and get flung a bit, but one cat prefers it, so I keep that box. I did try those crystal litter, one bag of it, and I did not like it at all. I could smell the urine in it after jsut a few days, so I will not try that stuff again. I smell nothing with the feline pine, and I scoop the poop asap. I scoop asap with the breeze too, so I don't usually smell any poop either. Breeze is great!

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