Kitten Litter Box Behaviour

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Purred: Sun Dec 12, '10 8:37pm PST 
I've had Felix for just over a week now, and am curious about his behaviour when it comes to his litter box. At first I had noticed that he was very vocal while using the litter box. It didn't sound like he was in pain, he just meowed while he was digging around. He seems to have stopped that, but I've noticed now that he is pushing all the litter to one side of the box and going on the bare bottom of the box. I mentioned this to the vet and they said to keep an eye on him, but now I am thinking that maybe he doesn't like the litter? I'm using Tidy Cats Small Spaces - it is scented, and I am wondering if the smell is bothering him. I don't want to switch if that's not the problem, but at the same time, I want to switch before he starts going outside of the litter box. Any suggestions?

BooBoo Kitty- Angel DG #28

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Purred: Sun Dec 12, '10 10:47pm PST 
Hi you might try putting another litter box near his with a different kind of litter in it, see which one he prefers to use maybe try a less scented one or it might be the texture he doesn't like........I have read that sometimes you have to keept trying till you find one that we like to keep us in the box. Mom uses both arm n hammer and arm n hammer essentials, we like them both some of us one more than the other. I know most kitties here don't sepak to highly of arm n hammer it is really scented but we don't mind and mom likes it.


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Damien use to howl while he was digging too, every time! I talked to my vet about it and he told me he was just vocal cat. He also runs around my house screaming, screams when he wants his sister, whenever I pick him up even if he wants to be picked up. After maybe 3 months he did stop talking in the litter box, lol… Is Felix vocal otherwise?

I don’t know, I’ve noticed my female likes to go to the bathroom in the corners of the box and I’ve watched them both dig to the bottom to go.

I normally fill the litter box a little over two inches with litter. I have litter mats because they enjoy making a mess. My male is very territorial over the box, and he will always cover up his sisters stuff because she is horrible at it.

Hope this helps somewhat