What is a good brand of self-cleaning litter box?

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I have a friend who has a very OCD cat and will not use the box if she has gone in it. So rather then cleaning it every hour or so he wants a self-cleaning box. I don't have any personal experience with them so I couldn't recommend any.
Have any of you tried any of these self-cleaning boxes? If so which ones do you recommend I tell my friend to try?
Thanks a bunch you guys!


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Well you have your classic litter maid box, but that is pretty expensive. One of our furriends uses the scoop free box. Mommy saw the box in action and if the cat will use the crystal litter type it would be a great choice. You do have to order the special scoop free litter trays, but the way it works youd never have to scoop it. Box just needs to be by an outlet. The box is fairly large too so larger cats like it.