Cat Pee on Bed

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Stoopid Kitty
Purred: Sun Nov 28, '10 6:29pm PST 
Since Hayley has been sick she has either been staying in her crate (when I am not home) or on my bed when I am here. She doesn't mind her crate because she gets her own space away from the other cats. When she was really sick she urinated on my bed a few times because she couldn't actually get up and walk to the litterbox (which is on a table next to my nightstand, just for Hayley). Well, I have no clue how to get the urine smell out of my bed now. I've tried everything and it is still there!


Don\\\'t worry,- take Nappy!
Purred: Sun Nov 28, '10 6:56pm PST 
Wow, and cat urine is the worse! It stinks to no end! You may never get that smell out, it's probably absorbed into the mattress, you might just need to get a new mattress. Or I guess you could try flipping it over and buying a cover for it...sorry about your perdicament. This is a tough one.


Tubby tabby- love!
Purred: Sun Nov 28, '10 6:58pm PST 
Join the club. Spike did that a few months ago, and not only is the smell still there, but so is the stain. I can hide the stain with sheets, but not the smell. I'm planning to buy another bed (my bed is a mattress on wooden dowel legs, so I'd just be buying the mattress part) as soon as I get the room picked up enough for the guys to move it in. I'm now prepared for any future accidents with a waterproof rubber sheet and a water proof pad. Over that I will put regular sheets, a fuzzy bed pad for warmth, a bottom futon and a top futon, and a blanket. I figure no future accidents can get through those. Meanwhile, since I don't want to get urine odor on my new bedding, I've been sleeping on a bare mattress with a urine-stained blanket. What a life.