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I posted this in the Plus section, but would like information from non-Plus Catsters as well.

Is there any consensus on which brand of vacuum cleaner is best for households with cats?

I have a regular Dyson (which wasn't cheap), but have read in cat magazines about a Dyson meant for households with dogs/cats that's supposed to be great for sucking up fur. But it costs something like $1500. My regular Dyson is pretty ineffective regarding fur.

I've also found that I can buy a Bissell over the Internet from Petco (we don't have Petcos in Japan). I remember there was a Bissell campaign on Catster some while back--are they any good?

Also, for getting up kitty litter, would a Roomba work? They've finally started selling them in Japan. They are priced from $500-$700--how does that compare with prices in the U.S.?

All my floors are hardwood or imitation hardwood (vinyl). The only carpet is in my bedroom, and it only covers the area beneath and around the bed. As you can imagine, my biggest problem is with cat fur and scattered litter. Any suggestions?

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Harvey, here is some product testing on the Dyson. In the U.S. the Dyson is expensive, but much less than $1500. Dyson also had a special promotional discount for Catsters and Dogsters last year:



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I have the Dyson animal, which is the one you are referring to - definitely not $1500. It was $650 when I bought it (a bit on sale) and I am in Canada. Expensive, yes. Worth it? Totally!

We go through vacuum cleaners like crazy - having 4 (5 now!) animals and 22oo square feet of carpet - I vacuum nearly every room, nearly every day. Most vacuums last us a year and go kaput. The Dyson is still going strong, and has not shown any signs of wear and tear, nevermind giving out on me. I'd buy another one in a heart beat!

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I had a Dyson for a few years (the Animal). It worked well for awhile then I started having trouble with it. I have a small Persian cattery so you can imagine the amount of fur I deal with (also have a long hair dog). I bought another brand -a Kenmore sold by the department store, Sears. I am not sure if they would be available to you in Japan. I really like the Kenmore better than the Dyson for picking up cat hair and the price was much better to. I have had the Kenmore for goong on 5 years now with no trouble yet.


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Ack! Matty hates da vacuum!
that being said, we have an Oreck, not sure the model, but it's burly and does a real number on cat hair on carpets n stairs. It was pretty pricey but works well, we curious to see about a Dyson someday too.


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I use a Bissell, its like $40 at Walmart, works awesome, picks up the long hair great! I can vaccume an area, that doesn't even look, like it has cat hair on it, and the plastic canister is chuck full of the hair. Down side is, it only lasts a couple of yrs, and it tends to eat rubber thingys, mol. But, just don't have that kind of money, to go out and buy an expensive one. Heck, if I have any money left over, after paying bills, I am lucky. laugh out loud