Automatic/Self-Cleaning Litter Box

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I think it would be great with only one or two cats. We tried it, but we go through too much litter, having multiple cats. PetSmart will take it back if you don't like it. (Confirm that with your local store before!) One thing to remember is it needs to plug in, and lots of people don't have outlets where they normally put their pan. It can run on batteries, but that would get expensive.

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We LOVE IT! There are times when we have all 5 of us in the house, and you wouldn't even be able to tell- there's no smell! We have 3 of them, one on every floor, and we change them about once a week, and all is well. Not even Jamie, who is scared of life was scared of it! We're never going back!


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My mommy has an automatic box for us and it seems to work quite well. The noise spooked us right at first, but a little inspection convinced us that it was ok. Ours is the older model of the Littermate box, with the plastic forks. It has lasted through about 1-2 years of use now. There is a newer model that looks ALOT better - it has a metal fork to scoop with that is removable for cleaning! Mommy says the scoopy part on ours is the worst part of it because it gets stuff on it and is hard to clean, but the newer one should be alot easier. They also sell wider models too, she thinks....

The other thing is that you can only put a shallow amount of litter in, so mommy says that when our friend, Bear, visits it is not so good because he REALLY likes to dig deep and bury, and the forks/scoop part don't scrape stuff off the bottom of the box all that well, so she has to manually....plus there isn't much to dig through.

She has also seen the Petmate version, which is covered, as well as a round littermate one...but doesn't know how that works.

But if you aren't an obsessive digger, and won't be spooked by the noise, my mommy thinks the newer model with the removable scooping part might be a nice thing!

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hi there, my sister also owns a cat that can not take care of itself, it still leave poo everywhere, so i suggest she to buy CatGenie Self Cleaning Litter Box. it is very useful for her because she cannot even touch it's poo. cat genie helps her to clean it. it has three usage modes: 1) Cat-Start, 2) Auto-Start and 3) Push-Start. Cat-Start is the fully automatic mode that runs 10 minutes after the cat leaves, even more it does not need to be cleaned unless something goes wrong. A “maintenance” cartridge is available that cleans the water sensor but if you don’t want to purchase it, you can do it yourself manually.
or you can check here on automatic cat little box site for better information.

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I had a different experience with the self cleaning one. The "teeth" that rake the poo into the tray would get clogged with pieces of poo. If you have a cat that doesn't cover or has a messy soft poo, cleaning the teeth can be an absolute nightmare. I got rid of mine. Just easier to scoop.

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