Chin Acne

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Purred: Fri Jan 29, '10 1:25pm PST 
My cat Mason developed chin acne about 3 weeks ago. It started out as a small spot and has now expanded to covering most of his chinfrown I took him into the vet on Monday and she put him on antibiotics. I was a bit surprised by this. I just thought she would prescribe ointment to put on his chin. She gave me benzoyl peroxide ointment to put on once a day but so far I haven't seen any improvement. I have a feeling it's probably from the dry food (he get a little bit of Purina Urinary Health dry and Weruva wet) but she dosen't want to take him off of it because of his crystal issue. Has anyone heard of prescribing antibiotics for chin acne? He eats out of a ceramic bowl which I wash daily.


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Purred: Fri Jan 29, '10 1:41pm PST 
My first suggestion was going to be a metal or ceramic dish, but I guess that's not it. If he has crystals shouldn't he be on an all canned diet?


Purred: Fri Jan 29, '10 1:43pm PST 
For the most part he is. He gets canned 3 times a day with an 1/8 cup dry at night. His ph went down on this regimen so the vet wants to keep him on it.


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Well, acne is caused by bacteria, so treating with antibiotics makes sense to me. I just double checked by Googling it, and sure enough acne seems to be often treated with antibiotics, both oral and topical. If it's not helping though you should let your vet know so that he/she can prescribe something else. Some MRSA skin infections can also look like pimples and need to be treated with different antibiotics.

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Feline Acne:

Mason, frown

Oh, Kally Kat had 2 very nasty bouts of that Feline Acne. I neva, eva heard of it before! I took her to the Vets right away. At first I noticed a dried up bloody scab & thought maybe she hit her chin on something? shrug

Well, my Vet said oh, she has some Feline Acne. I said what? What do you mean? I never heard of it. She says just like some teenagers get.

So, the first steps to this it’s usually in almost all cases due to just changing the pet’s food dishes to all flat glass dishes. No bowls even if their glass. Stainless Steel or glass water bowls should be fine, but not the food bowls, just flat all glass.

Like, Smudge says yes, wink that area where the food remains on the chin oils, fats from the food that’s where the bacteria starts.

Plastic harbors bacteria & the fats, gravy or oils from either the dry kibbles or wet canned can stay on their chin areas especially long – haired cats. Now, cats cannot wash unda their chins like us hoomans can, so we or I have to wash that area to keep her clean.

I will tell you what I had to do for Kally Kat per the Vet’s instructions.

She showed me how to use a small fine tooth comb like a flea comb to scrape the black dirt off gently, you do this when her fur is dry not wet as the dirt will come off so much quicker. You’ll see all the black stuff on the table I use a white piece of Bounty paper towel.
Then I wash the area with some OxyDex shampoo, it’s a Benzoyl Peroxide pets shampoo from the Vet or you can get it online. You just put a little dab on your finger & a little water, then you wash the affected area very gently, you don’t want to rub hard as it will only irritate her chin.
Then you rinse off with clear water with a few wet nice & warm water fresh paper towels; I tried to rinse her at the sink with a little cup of water holy Kats! That wasn’t too successful.
Dry the area gently & apply a litta dab of OxyDex Gel Topical Antibacterial cream for pets, on the affected areas only. I had to e – collar Kally Kat so she wouldn’t lick the cream off. You can also go to a drugstore to purchase a good quality 2% Benzoyl Peroxide cream.
Even if a pet owner cannot afford to buy Professional shampoos & creams, using a mild fragrance – free Baby Aveeno baby wash is good, but no Dawn or dishwashing liquids. Dawn is great for removing dirt & grease, but it’s a detergent & it can be too harsh on that affected area.

It took me about a week for it to clear up. My Vet said not to go to hard at it cleaning it like rubbing the area. She said to wash the affected area about 3 times a week as to give it a chance to heal. At first I washed her chin eveyday & I wasb't aware that I was aggravating & irritating it more. shrug

The flat glass dishes was the best changes I made that made all the difference.
Now, when I brush her teeth every other day, I check that area to keep my eye on it. So far so gud!

You need to tackle the skin eruption right away or it can get very infected & even reach the eye areas.
Kally Kat’s Vet said she has large pores & long hair & that area is an area that cats need a little extra hoomans help!
I’m sure yur Vet would prescribe an anti- biotic if they felt it was necessary, but not in all cases.
Kally Kats Vet said proper hygiene & changing the food to flat glass dishes is the best way to go.

Flat glass dishes, no plastics, no paper plates as they are usually coated in plastics. You know how cats are always marking their chins on everything including us hoomans lol…

Just the marking & rubbing they are making contact & they are their worse enemies to that affected area unbeknownst to them!

I’m gonna give you a website if you would like to visit for more information about Feline Acne & skin conditions. Oh, I read so much stuff everywhere.
Again, yur family’s Vet is yur first choice in examining your furrbaby in giving a Professional proper medical diagnosis.

I wish you well with this information. Let us know how you make out. You can Pawmail me if you like. I’m very interested in your prognosis & well - being.

I went to Foster & Smith Vets online, as it's easy to read & understand & hope it will help you out more about Feline Acne.

You can copy & paste this into your browser & you’ll find this to be very helpful.

http://www.peteducation.com/article.cfm?c=1+2141&aid=251 7

Keeping a chin upps furr yew! way to go
Kally Kat

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Purred: Fri Jan 29, '10 7:10pm PST 
Thanks Kally Kat. I was using some of those pet bath wipes once a day but those didn't seem to help. The vet only told me to put the ointment on once a day and give the antibiotic twice a day. Nothing about cleaning his chin. When I took a peek at it today, it's not looking too goodfrown So now I'm afraid to put the ointment on in case it's irritating it even more. I would definitely be using a flat dish for him tomorrow, but I am also wondering if the acne could be caused by a food allergy. My female cat had chin acne when I first got her and found out she was allergic to fish. When I stopped feeding her foods with fish meal, her acne cleared up.


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Purred: Fri Jan 29, '10 7:32pm PST 
hi mason, sounds like you are as bad as we were last yr, we did the cleaning, washing, change dishes, nothing really work. finally, after another stop at the vet, we got a cream called Pyoben Gel. it is just like oxy10, once we started on that, we were just about cleared up in a week. with this, all our daddy had to do wash our chins, remove any scabs, pop any pimples, put the medicine on. it also help if you trim the fur around the infected area, so, you can get to the area. all four of us broke out, never did find the cause of it. today, we are pimple free. good luck.



Purred: Sun Jan 31, '10 5:32pm PST 
Hi ~ I comb thrift stores every week for flat glass dishes for my 6cats. They break and need replacement; but are difficult to find.
Where do you find them?

Miss Puff

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Purred: Mon Feb 1, '10 10:25pm PST 
Bravo ♥- Kally Kat- ♥
I could not have said it any better! You are quiet right! And plastic dishes can also cause upper respiratory infections from the gasses that escape from them. For dogs they can cause there black noses to turn pink and get URI's. When working for Nutro at the stores, I tell a lot of people about plastic dishes. I remember this when I was in the Central Florida Kennel Club, and that was well over 30 years ago!
Good luck and I know it can take a long time to clear up. Miss Puff here had one from eating out of a dish my Neighbor had outside. I asked her to switch dishes and now she uses a glass bowl , and cleans it every day.
It seamed like it took for ever to clear up.
Please do what your vet has told you to do. It may just take a while longer. Or call and ask for something different.

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Purred: Mon Feb 1, '10 11:13pm PST 
All the advice about bowls can definitely help. Also, in some cases chin acne can be a sign of allergies. If the change in feeding bowls doesn't help or other skin issues (itching, loss of fur, ear infections, etc.) develop, consider talking to your vet about possilbe food or environmental allergies.

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