"Warm Compress"?

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Chey has a bump on her side, so I took her to the vet yesterday. He decided it was a reaction to her vaccines, and said it should go away on its own, but putting something warm on it would help.

Any one have advice about putting warm things on a psycho cat?

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How psycho are you Chey? We're south of Lincoln(72 mi) would we see the fireworks from herelaugh out loud.. just joking, sorry. None of us like wet things on our backs. Some less than others. Your lookalike, Nanette can't take anything at all but me I can put up with some things(I'm old and wise; or too tired to psycho around) I've a back injury that's healing but to get the surplus stuff out my humans put a warm compress for a few minutes everyday. I just sit there and let them do their thing. They pet me and give a treat afterwards so that's worth it. You can reward Chey the same way.
If the vet didn't want to lance it it is not an abcess so yes, a warm compress is the way to go. It should go down in a few days. If not or if Chey limps(I assume it is on her hip) or doesn't let you touch the spot it, take her to the vet. You are show folks..give a call to a buddy to see ghow they'd deal with it.
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When did she get her vaccines, what vaccines did she get, and how soon
afterwards, did the lump appear, and exactly, where is it on her, and
where exactly, did she get the vaccines? big grin

Kinda surprised, the vet blew you off, unless its just the way the post was
worded, mol, my instructions say, to contact them immediately, if you
see a lump. big grin

Anyhow, if you want to put a warm compress on it, use a washcloth, put it
on the lump, and wrap her in a towel, kinda like a cacoon, so only her
little head sticks out, she isn't going anywhere. Best of luck. big grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grin