I've been diagnosed with.Feline Hypersthesia.

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Is it nap time- yet?
Purred: Sat Jan 14, '06 5:17am PST 
Well, my mommy took me to the vet yesterday and got me a check-up. The nice vet lady put me on a diet!!!!!!and said I have a condition called Feline Hyperesthesia. It's also called Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrone, or FHS for short. It can cause character changes, and even SIEZURES!
The clinical signs are as follows:*sudden bouts of bizarre hyperactive or aggressieve behavior.
*Frentic self-directed grooming directed along the flank or tail.
*Tail swishing, fixation with tail, tail chasing, or vicious attacks directed toward the tail
*Large pupils / strange look in eyes.
*Skin rippling ? rolling.
*Apparent hallucinations - seemingly following the movement of things that are not there, or running away from unseen adversary.
*vocalization, crying, loud meowing.
*Exquisite sensitivity to touch (hypersthesia) along the spine- stroking can precipitate a bout of the behavior.
*sudden mood swings- from extremely affectionate to aggressive.
*any or all of the above signs progressing to seizures (falling over, legs paddling, salivating).
*bouts occurring almost constantly, all day, every day, or once every few days.

The nice vet lady gave this article to my mommy to read, and said i might even need to go on "kitty Prozac"(clomipramine or fluoxetine.)
Any other kitties who have been diagnosed with this disorder, please respond and tell me how treatment is working, diet, medication, etc. Thanks.


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Dear Munchkin -- we don't have information, but want you to know we are thinking of you and hoping lots of catsters can give you advice. We know your family and vet will take good care of you. Purrs....

--the fiends

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I have also been diagnosed with Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome. I mentioned it in some of my diary entries in September and October. The vet who diagnosed me suggested a change in diet. However, it took Mom more than a decade to find a food that I don't barf. There was no way that she was going to switch me to some corn-based Science Diet formula, when our carpets had just been cleaned and she knows for a fact that corn makes me barf.

Mom and I have opted not to treat it unless it becomes more severe. Many of the symptoms of FHS appear to be things that most, if not all, cats exhibit at some time in their lives, so we have some suspicion about the diagnosis.

So, I guess I don't have much to offer, in terms of advice. However, I can tell you this... I'm almost 13 years old. It doesn't appear to me that hyperesthesia affects longevity.


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I hope you get better soon! If you need a friend to talk, let me know.


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Munchkin, we are sending lots of feel better purrs your way.

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I'll echo Alex's opinion--my mom suspects MOST cats have some degree of "Feline Hypersthesia" and very very few of them have major issues with it. Did you GO to the vet for a problem that your mom observed, or was this something that kinda came up during the exam?

My mom does think that this issue is a mild form of seizure disorder, but also admits that if you'd like to get a bunch of vets into a brawl, ask them about this disorder--some don'tthink it even exists. She has noted that there are many cats (myself included) that will go into a trance like state if you scritch the very top of the butt, where the tail joins the body. She thinks that THIS is a petit mal seizure...and her advice on that is "don't scritch there."

If your mom thought you were normal before your visit, putting you on a mood altering drug (and by the way, fluoxetine really IS Prozac) seems a bit extreme.


Is it nap time- yet?
Purred: Sun Jan 15, '06 6:27am PST 
Hi Kiko,

Yes, my behavior IS the reason mommy took me to the vet. I have been VERY grouchy lately, and will literally ATTACK people if they try to even touch my head, sometimes even attacking them when they just walk past me. I chase my tail like it's on fire and am always rolling my skin on my lower back/base of tail area. I have lots of bouts of parinoia where my ears stay back and it seems like i'm looking for some invisible foe to sneak up on me. I still love my kitty mommy and will seek her out for attention and a little chin scratching a few times a day. She plays with me with my feather on a string toy to help tire me out so I can sleep more peacefully. We're going to keep a record of my worst bouts for the nice vet lady to review over the next month to decide if she thinks some kitty prozac is necessary. Thanks for the advice and please keep checking back.>^..^


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Munchkin, my Pookie has FHS and I wondered what kind of a diet did the vet put you on for your symptoms? We took Pookie off all fish (which was her favorite food) and most canned food. She is getting Iams Premium Protection with extra Vitamin E and it seems to be helping. She hasn't had as many frantic episodes as before.

Any tips or advice would be helpful.

Pookie's mom


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Hi there! This is Dylan the cat--Chaplin's big brother--and I have rather severe hypersthesia. I was chasing my tail and attacking it until it bled, and I had such awful mood swings that I sent my mommy to the HOSPITAL after attacking her one day! All she did was drop something on the floor, and I tore her all to shreds. The hospital told her to put me to sleep, but instead, she took me to the vet (after she got all cleaned up and medicated, of course). The vet immediately diagnosed me with hypersthesia, and now I'm on kitty prozac. I've been on it for two years, and after the first year, I was able to reduce my dosage to .5 cc every 2 days, and that keeps me on a nice, even keel--all purrs & no more random attacks. The vet never mentioned that the problem could be diet-related, but I'll be sure to pass the info on to my mom. I'm always looking for a reason to get some more food!

Oh, and I asked my mom and she said a two month supply of my prozac (it's a "tasty" liquid form) costs around $30, which means I can still have my new furry mice and catnip balls every now and then.

Best of luck to you, and try not to bite off the end of your own tail. It hurts!!


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Purred: Sat Aug 1, '09 11:49am PST 
Meow Kitties,

I've had FHS for about 8 months now. I've been seen by two vets and showed them a video of one of my episodes to verify that it's not seizures.

I've been on Prozac for 6 months and after the first 4 weeks I stopped having episodes. Mom gets the pills at her local drug store. Its $14 for 30 pills. I have 1/2 pill every morning in a Pill Pocket.

She also invested in a Feliway diffuser for the living room. That's very calming.

All good news for me here, except that I don't play much anymore and sleep a lot. At least there's no more pain.

By the way - don't try valium for this. It made me attack my mom. I lunged for her throat. She wasn't hurt, but that's only because my aim was off from the Valium. I never did this before or after. I really love my mom.

Good luck and feel free to pmail me if you have any questions.

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