Do all Brits have dirty ears?

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The breeder said that dirty ears is a breed trait for British Shorthairs. Is this true? Oscar's ears have dark brown/black gunk in them and we wonder if it's anything to be worried about. Yeast, mites (he just had his first application of Revolution tho) or are they just more prone to dirty waxy build up?? Thanks!


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UPDATE: Oscar's black/brown ear gunk was a mild yeast infection! The breeder was wrong or lied to me. We gave him drops in both years for 2 weeks and now they are crystal clear and have been for months. smile Healthy ears!!!


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hi there
glad that the infection has gone but it was sad that your breeder lied.


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Yes, its true , Brit short hair cats do have waxy dirty ears , its like a dark brown/ black gunky wax down the ear canal . I clean his ears every 2 wks, its an easy quick job to do , best to corner him when he sleeps in bath ! He hates the heat re the thick dense coats they have .
The dark waxy stuff in the ears does not smell when I clean them, it causes the cat no problems , he is an indoor appmmt cat . So the waxy dark gunge is not out side garden dirt etc .

He started to get dark wax when he was approx 1 yr old .

U can'tsee the dark wax unless u looked fairly deep down his ears.

He had nerve had ear mites, the minor wax saga no prob, don't be put off , Brit blue shorthairs are fab quiet cats, no cry babies ! & perfect indoor / appmmt living cats .
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Can I just say, the title of this made me splurt my drink everywhere! : P

Secondly, glad you got your kitty sorted and he's well! My cat was called Oscar too : P No kitty should have 'naturally' dirty ears, so your guy was definitely lying to you. And if ever you're -worried- about your cat, it's always best to seek a professional opinion.

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