Bengal and heart conditions

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My 3 month old bengal might have a heart condition. The first vet visit was fine but with his second shots the vet told me he might have a heart condition.cry
Anyone know if this is common for this breed?
Now I have to wait till next month's visit to double check his condition.
I'm so very worried

Benji (Ben)

Purred: Tue Nov 13, '12 9:33am PST 
The exact same thing happened to me on my second visit to the vet. She told my mom I might have a heart condition. When I returned a month later, she checked me out again but this time she found nothing wrong with my heart.
The vet said they often hear a murmur in kittens but this usually clears up.
Maybe this was told to your mommy at the time of your visit and like mine, everything after "heart condition".....she had a brain freeze!

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My Bengal had a heart murmur for 7 months before it cleared up. He's fine now.

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Hello...sorry for the late post. Had the same trauma with my Bengal boy. Heart murmur was not gone buy 6 months for neutering. So...after a large amount of money to a vet cardiologist complete with blood tests, x-rays, echocardiograms and dopplers - the result is....that is just the way his heart is. No signs of any physical defects or diseases. Possibly caused by some extra ligatures in a valve which is not uncommon and does not pose any current or future health problems. But at least I know he does not have Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM). So...all good in the end.