How to get some weight off Tiger

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Tiger Lily

I dont like to- be told NO!!!!
Purred: Mon Jan 31, '11 6:15pm PST 
Tiger is almost 14 pds. I need to know how to get her engaged in active play. I have a pole with toys on the end and she will start out playing then lay down and refuse to get up and chase it or anything. She will run after her toy mice but not for long.
I have reduced the amount of food she gets to a 1/2 cup of dry food a day and a teaspoon of wet food. And she isnt loosing she seems to be gaing. I cant get take her off the wet food cuse she has been on it since she was 6 weeks old cuse of her unending wanting to eat. Tiger Lily is a very stubborn and vocal young lady so how to get some weight off her? Helpwave