Is our Vet correct.. is Nala a Bengal??

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Purred: Thu Oct 28, '10 4:19pm PST 
We just adopted nala 2 weeks ago and when our vet saw her he was shocked when i said we got her from a shelter. He said she is so different looking (which she is) and hes swear she was at least part Bengal, if not all. I looked up the breed and they do look like her and the personality profile definitely fits! she LOVES to climb to high places, loves splashing in her water dish, very feisty, very smart and trys to unlatch her crate lock already, and she makes very different sounds. growly and chirpy noises. so what do you think?? maybe at least part bengal? i have a few pics up in her profile. thanks!
just wanted to add that she was there with her 2 litter mates. they said they were all dropped off together. and they all have eye isues. shes alittle cross eyed, and the other 2 were born without an eye. frown i wonder if it was some sort of breeding gone bad and since they couldnt be sold with a defect they were dumped at the shelter.

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