new bengal owner

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♥Vesp- er♥

Petit chat de- leopard sauvage- et fou!!
Purred: Thu Mar 13, '08 4:37pm PST 
Hello Bengal owners, I am new catster and am also a new addition to a first time Bengal family !!! Does anyone have fun stories for my Mom as to what She is to expect????

Gabby Cat.

I have his he- has mine! I love- Midnight
Purred: Wed Mar 19, '08 9:39pm PST 
well lets start off by saying wow, youve got a beautiful bengal, and also i would love to tell you everything you need to know about bengals but i cant because they are very unexpectable and randomly hyper.wink


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Purred: Thu Apr 10, '08 10:01pm PST 

Hi Vesper! It's purrrific to meet you!

My Lady Human always says that it's very hard to keep up with me because I just want to play, play, play, all the time. And sometimes, if she won't play with me, I give her a little bite on the ankle to let her know i'm getting impatient! But my favorite thing about being a Bengal is all the running and meowing I can do. . .and boy, can I meow loud! MEOW!!!!! happy dance



lotsa leopard- love
Purred: Sat Apr 12, '08 4:26pm PST 
Hi Vesper! yaaay...welcome to the group!
Well, I can jump SUPER high, I LOVE turkey and salmon, I love drinking from the bathtub faucet, I am so sweet and hyper, I must investigate everything....

My sister Lucy, she was super duper shy but now she's not so much, she is a great wrestler, she's a little skittish still (so am I), LOVES her tummy rubbed, loves to play, loves to just observe everything. She can sneak attack me really well, too.

We both love our meowmy sooo much, we're super playful and want to be around her all the time....we love to play with eachother all day while mommy is at work too.

We think all Bengals are a little different - so have fun exploring your personality!
Hobbes and Lucy

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Batty Bengal!
Purred: Sun Apr 13, '08 8:35am PST 
Im a new bengal owner aswel big grin we can exchange stories! Betz likes to play fetch cheer


Play with me!
Purred: Thu May 1, '08 9:41pm PST 
You are in for a treat. Bengals are very active, loving, talkative, and playful cats. I love to play fetch with milk rings, and I am very inquisitive. When my human goes outside to check out his plants, I follow him, and if he doesn't let me out, I let him know I want to come out.

Enjoy the ride. We bengals will make sure you have fun although we may drive you nuts. And we like to wake up our humans by purring by them and licking their faces just to say hello!