there dosent appear to be many bobtails here?

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we have rescued a american shorthair bobtail kitten this past week,he is blue with beautiful white bib and legs, his back legs are longer then his front and at times he more hops then runs,he has tufts of fur at tips of ears and just a flap of fur over his backend, no tail bone at all, can anyone give me more info about his breed and anyone who would be interested in adopting him?

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No, but I wish there were. I don't own one, but I wish I could find out more about them- I am thinking of getting one...someday...

Are you sure about the breed? I wondered because Manx are noted for their long back legs, and can have little or no tail (as opposed to a curly tail) ?

Write back if you would, I'd love to hear more about your cat
Wish I could help by adopting, but our home is overflowing with rescues at the moment... Best wishes, Ann

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Seriously?!? Where are all the American Bobtails on Catster? I was told my cat was a Manx but she's actually an American Bobtail (total curl tail!). So sad we don't have more of us on here. frown