Any Aby Crosses Here?

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Purred: Sun Aug 9, '09 6:31pm PST 
Well, my momma was a purebred Aby, and my dad is anybody's guess.. Meowma says she's never seen another cat that looks really similar to me, and my color is unique (especially since 'ticked and white' isn't even a listed color on Catster!).. but I'm determined to prove her otherwise! So, where are all the Aby mixes at? Any ticked + white kitties? Come on, show yourselves way to gokittyway to gokitty


Purred: Fri Aug 21, '09 4:28pm PST 
My Mom has no definite info on me, Phoebe, but although I am probably part DSH due to my calico coloring, Mom suspects I may also be part Abyssinian as I have the elongated, triangular face and large ears of an Aby; I also have the slanted, almond-shaped eyes, which my other two roommates do not have.kitty

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hi, I am Camille and I am most likely an aby -cross and I look very similar to you guys. My mistress came to that conclusion mainly based on my personality and I am also a good watchcat. Flicker has a site on Ticked tabbies and I have about two pages of pictures posted of me there,too. I am a four year-old shelter cat. I also earned my huntress badge by killing a bat that got into the house. Aizilyn@Camilee


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apparently there are more purebreed abys than mixes!


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Mom just found this. I am a mcros breed abby. I am 16 at least and have lived with mom for 10 years next week.


Purred: Tue Mar 26, '13 11:15pm PST 
We think I am part aby. I have the ticked hairs for sure but a striped and spotted coat so who knows what else I'm a mix of.


Purred: Mon Jun 3, '13 6:09pm PST 
My momma is an Aby cross! She is Aby and Turkish Van! Her name is Abigail!

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Hi! I am G.G.'s Mom! I am an Aby/Turkish Van cross! I am 2 years old.