Name His Breed/Color, Round 2!

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So I have realized that Midas does not really have spots any more. The photos I posted before (which can be found on his profile) show him having quite a spotted coat. Instead, those spots seem to have been replaced by what looks to me like tortie splotches. I didn't photograph them, but he has pink pawpads incase someone needs to know. While some of the photos seem to make him look slightly more orange or warm in coat color, the first photo (at least on my screen) matches most true. Sorry that some photos might seem kind of similar.

Edit, none of the photos showed up so I am going to post them again differently this time...

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'cause his touch- is too much!
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This one didn't work either, one more try...

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'cause his touch- is too much!
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This second one is a closeup of his face.


This one is kind of a side view



Close up of leg stripes




Hopefully those all work for you! Thank you so much for taking the time to look and comment!


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Okay, here goes! Colorwise, I think Midas would be a cream cameo tabby.

Cream - a dilute form of orange (as if you mixed a lot of white into orange paint).

Cameo - an inhibitor gene suppresses color on the bottom half of each hair. The outer part of the hairs are cream-colored, the bottom part closest to the skin is pure white.

He definitely has a tabby pattern, but the white undercoat reduces its appearance.

Breedwise, it's anybody's guess.


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I have my Eyewitness Handbooks "Cats" by David Alderton in hand. Just us see, Midas has a tail, no curly ears and no blue eyes. Now with that in mind here are the ones I found: British Shorthair, American Shorthair, Oriental Shorthair, and European Shorthair. Both the British and European have rounder faces. There is a photo of a Red and White Van Tabby, breed American Shorthair. Very close. But the Oriental Shorthairs have some cats with blue eye blue eyes, but others like Midas. They have a more of a wedge face than the American Shorthairs. The Cream, Oriental Shorthair is a lot darker in the photo than Midas.

Here are the color choices of American Shorthair I found online from Gopetsamerica. May I say, WOW!!!!! I'd rule out: Silver, Solid, Parti-Tabby, Tabby(Mackeral,Classic,Patched),Tabby & White & Bi-color. I wish I could see a photo of the Smoke-Shell Cameo & White Tabby or the Shaded-Cream Shell Cameo. That is what I found for you.

American Shorthair Colors Recognized by CFA
SOLID: White; Black; Blue; Red; Cream.

SHADED and SILVER: Chinchilla Silver; Shaded Silver; Shell Cameo; Shaded Cameo; Blue Chinchilla Silver; Blue Shaded Silver; Cream Shell Cameo; Cream Shaded Cameo.

SMOKE: Black Smoke; Blue Smoke; Cameo Smoke (Red Smoke); Tortoiseshell Smoke; Blue-Cream Smoke.

TABBY: (Classic, Mackerel and Patched Tabby patterns) Blue Silver Tabby (Pewter Tabby); Blue Silver Patched Tabby (Pewter Patched Tabby); Cream Cameo Tabby (Dilute Cameo); Brown Patched Tabby; Blue Patched Tabby; Silver Patched Tabby; Silver Tabby; Red Tabby; Brown Tabby; Blue Tabby; Cream Tabby; Cameo Tabby.

SMOKE AND WHITE (including Vans): Black Smoke and White; Blue Smoke and White; Tortoiseshell Smoke and White; Shell Cameo and White; Shaded Cameo and White; Smoke Cameo and White;

PARTI-COLOR: Tortie; Chinchilla Shaded Tortie; Shaded Tortie; Dilute Chinchilla Shaded Tortie; Dilute Shaded Tortie; Blue-Cream.

BI-COLOR: Bi-color; Van Bi-color; Calico; Dilute Calico; Van Calico.

TABBY AND WHITE: Silver Tabby and White; Silver Patched Tabby and White; Cameo Tabby and White; Brown Tabby and White; Brown Patched Tabby and White; Blue Tabby and White; Blue Patched Tabby and White; Red Tabby and White; Cream Tabby and White; Van Blue-Cream and White.