Happiness Is....

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You... Treats...- Now...
Purred: Wed Sep 12, '12 8:39am PST 
This is more a post for your pet parents out there, but kitties can answer too!

Happiness is... laying at momma's feet while she's on the computer.


Knead softly &- carry a big purr
Purred: Wed Sep 12, '12 2:00pm PST 
When Tigger looks at me like I am the best in the world, and will give a teeny mew & pat his paw on me.
When you get the slow blink of a kitty & a nose touch kiss
Hearing a kitty purr


Mrs Foodie
Purred: Thu Sep 13, '12 10:43am PST 
Happiness is when i walk in my front door and i am greeted by my bouncing kitten Gizmo, my wise old lady Rogue and grumpy teenage cat Batfink, all with tails in he air with the same look of ''Where on earth you been? i missed you!why did you leave? whatve you got to eat?''

Happiness for us kitties is when its quiet in the house, warm, and we are all cosied up on the same sofa after dinner with mumma trying to find some space inbetween the fur and purrs.


Psycho kitty
Purred: Thu Jun 20, '13 6:44am PST 
Happiness is......Well I know what its not, three things.....When Mikko helps me with making the bed, when he helps when I give him food, and when he attacks my feet when I walk by.

Now happiness is when Mikko is in a deep sleep...MOL!!!! And really nothing else, he is a baaaaad kitty!! Mol laugh out loud

Bella Mae

Miss Meower
Purred: Wed Jan 7, '15 5:31am PST 
Happiness is.. knowing that my family loves me and that I am not being picked up all the time! smile


If your lap is- available, I'll- be there!

Purred: Wed Jan 7, '15 8:35pm PST 
Happiness is having Catster back up and running again and meeting with all our friends again.

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