Weird habits - Do your cats have any?

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Mama's Lil Ding- Dong
Purred: Thu Jun 14, '12 11:29pm PST 
Another one that I'm noticing from Belle is that when she goes into the kitchen, no matter where she is in the apartment, she ALWAYS runs BEHIND the tv shelf in the Living Room to get into the kitchen. Don't ask me why because she has plenty of room to walk IN FRONT of the tv shelf...confused

Another one is that if we're out in the kitchen or the Living Room when she uses the litter she meows like she's announcing that she went!

She won't eat out of her dish if SHE thinks its dirty(I found that out the other day when she kept meowing for food and there was food in her dish but then I washed it and refilled the food and she ate it) Also she won't eat the cat food that she drops on the floor!big laugh

K Kato

Don't bother me- if I'm hunting
Purred: Tue Aug 28, '12 4:06pm PST 
I wait to use the litterbox until someone is in the bathroom. I used it when my Dad or Mom are in the shower. After using the box i mess up the rug outside. I insist that it is clean at once. smile
Another I don't like doors closed. I will op[en them with my paw unless close tight. If I can I run out the front door every time I cancat on moon
I will greet dog on my walk; but won't play with them.shrug
I bury my treats until Mom found the feeze dried salmon & chicken.happy dance


Psycho kitty
Purred: Sun Jun 16, '13 6:17pm PST 
Mikko has a few habits, well first off biting peoples feet when they walk by, and climbing up your leg for absolutely no reason. Another is when he gets his food, he sniffs it, runs to the couch, runs back and drinks water. He drinks fine, but eats like a momo. (Weirdo) When I first realized how he wouldn't eat normally, I got a blue ball with holes the size of his food, put his food in it half full. I left for about an hour for grocery shopping and whatnot, came home to a HUGE mess on my NEW carpet!! Somehow, he manged to get the whole thing out of those tiny holes and on to my, not to mention NEW carpet. laugh out loud


I'm not your- average cat
Purred: Mon Jun 17, '13 12:05am PST 
Ohhh yeahhh... I don't know if you call it a habit or not but Mose loves to be spun on the computer chair! He lovesssssssssssssss it! You cannot walk by the chair without him jumping out from wherever he is and being spun until he falls off. Video on my page shortly!


I bite back
Purred: Mon Jun 17, '13 5:49am PST 
Oreo likes to sit or sleep on your shoulder. When she was 4 weeks old, she'd climb up your clothes just to get to it. Probably still would now, at 8 weeks.


Tzar Ivan the- wonderful
Purred: Wed Jul 10, '13 7:58am PST 
I've heard that cloth kneading is something cats do when they are taken away from their moms to soon. Ivan however was about six months when I got him. So at first there were no issues there. Then at about two he took up cloth kneading just for kicks, giggles and purrs. Mostly purrs. He loves kneading a woolly sheep skin I keep draped over a chair. He also loves showing off his jumping ability. Any time he can. There is favorite game: chase the kitty. He loves being chased around the apartment, he whines for me to chase him. He runs with his tail high in the air, happy as larry (whoever larry is.

Member Since
Purred: Fri Jul 12, '13 9:50pm PST 
OK..since we have 5 fur babies in the house...guess I'll start w/our only boy, Wilbur Charles. He has inpecable timing. Every time & I mean every time I go 2 the bathroom to brush/floss my teeth..u guessed it..he has 2 poop!!laugh out loudYUK!..then he proceeds to try 2 cover it up by scratching the tub! I have tried 2 brush/floss at different times of day...he just somehow knows! He also drops his toy mouse in the water bowls..then tries 2 scoop them out w/his paw..(he is left pawed!) He drinks water by scooping it up & drinks it from his left paw...& plays in the water bowls. He talks back 2 my when I talk 2 him & his favorite spot is on my lap. He is a momma's boy & I love him.


The Black Shadow
Purred: Sun Sep 8, '13 1:07pm PST 
Snowball annoys the heck out of you until you feed her!

When you give her this ONE toy that we have, she goes nuts!


I are big evil- crab kitten!
Purred: Mon Sep 23, '13 1:24am PST 
Where do I begin with Finn...

He LOVES to play chase and tackle. He will run up and down the hallway of our apartment, tail poofed to max, to see if he can tag you before you tag him as he runs through your legs. If you walk away from the game early, he tackles your calves and bites your ankles.

His fave toys are hairbands. He loves to carry them around, stash them in places, and drop them in the toilet. I keep finding them in our bed.

He has been a big kisser since we got him. Oddly enough, he never did this with his foster mama.

Finn loves to play with our pet rats through the bars of their cage. He and Sulu, our big white male, love to puff and tap at each other through the bars. However, if the rats are out on my shoulder or in my lap, Finn is terrified of them!

A full bathtub is absolutely fascinating! He likes to sit on the edge and drink the water. He's only fallen in once so far, but he constantly lets his tail dip in, and then wonders later why it's wet. He also likes to go crazy in an empty tub.

He prefers to cuddle at night, and likes to sit with his forehead against mine, or with his nose against my mouth (this was gross when he went through the kitty cold a week after we got him). He won't sleep there however, as soon as he's had his fill or he sees I'm falling asleep he moves to the pillow above my husband's head and sleeps there.

We've only had Finn for about 3 months now, but he is so silly and wonderful. Also, about 8 pounds, the vet is betting that he'll be 10-15 when he's full grown!


all you need is- love
Purred: Mon Sep 23, '13 3:58pm PST 
My mom Bon Bon walks around the house with a piece of buffalo fur meowing, I like getting in my big hammock swing Meowma made me and being rocked like a baby. My sister Pandora and I both meow with our tongues sticking out. Brandywine and Pandora fetch toys. And Wookie and Taj have never had any kittens but will let anyone nurse on them.

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