Would this be silly to do?

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Halloween Kitty
Purred: Mon Mar 7, '11 8:21am PST 
I have 13 cat profiles on my account. My main and first profile is for Blackie. The other 12 are adoptable. Twelve of the 13 received a friend request from someone with five cats. The one profile did not get the request. I am almost certain the profile was just overlooked and was not purposely excluded. Would you send a request from the excluded kitty's profile so he has the same number of friends?

Alexis Rose

who needs tv- when you have- cat
Purred: Mon Mar 7, '11 4:08pm PST 
hi blackie me and my sister nellie have differnet number of friends. a kitty sent my sister nellie a friends request and not me. mom cant remember which kitty was it so we cant send them from me. i dont think its silly we have done it before.

Alex (sweet angel girl)

Angel on a- mission!
Purred: Mon Mar 7, '11 6:05pm PST 
Sometimes it's not a boo boo. Some people send friend requests only to Finney and Lacey. What's up with that? Just cause I fly I'm not important? Sheesh!? shrug

Aragorn (In- Memory)

One Cool Cat

Purred: Mon Mar 7, '11 9:27pm PST 
We've been a 3-cat family on Catster for a long time now, and we each have a different number of friends. Sometimes members notice you by your post in the forums and just click on being your friend. Some don't look at every family member's page. Some members are uncertain about asking a Bridge cat to be a friend. And sometimes, a family member just happens to be overlooked. There's always enough Catster friends here to go around. big grin

And, yes, I would send a friend request from the overlooked kitty.

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