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Tell me again- how cute I am...
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My name is Groucho (because of my half Groucho Marx mustachebig grin ). I was a rescue kitty. My mommy's friend found me and two of my litter mates while working at someone's house and scooped us up minutes before this mean man was going to shoot us just because we were there frown . My two siblings went to a friend and I went to my mommy. The doctors figured out when I was born and it was the same week that my mommy lost her 17 year old kitty, 8 year old bird and had to have surgery.

Anyway, I am 1 1/2 years old now and spoiled! My best friend is a 11 month old pug. My mommy always picks on me because of my tail. She thinks it is really long. It is almost a foot long! I have a really long and lean body and long legs, too. I like to eat a lot of food, but it takes a lot of energy to keep up with my pug puppy buddy! You can see that I am black and white, my two siblings are all black. Mommy teases me that I took their tails before we were born. One had no tail and the other one only had a inch long tail.
I like my long tail because I can lay it on mommy's neck and still hit her in the face while she is sleeping. I just want her to know I am there while I sleep on her shoulder.

I was just wondering how long everyone's tails are? I know it is a silly question, but I am a silly kitty!


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My tail's not just long...it's as skinny as a pencil! Before Mewommy brought me home from the shelter, everyone commendted that I had the skinniest tail they'd ever seen. And now Meowm says that even though I'm fully grown...it's still sharp like a pencil at the very tip! She said she could dip it in ink and sign checks with it! MOL!


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Hi Groucho! You are really cute! wave

Like your siblings, I hardly have a tail (it is about a quarter of an inch long) and my sister K.C. has a stumpy tail! big grin

Tabi has a long and fluffy tail and Charlie has a fluffy tail, but it looks like it is just regular-sized.


Tell me again- how cute I am...
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Thanks,for the replies!

My tail is skinny, too, but not pencil skinny. It has a little knob or bump on the end. Mommy figures something tried to get me or I got into trouble somehow before I was rescued. I would never get into trouble. I am always so well behaved big laugh
Mommy teases me because of my monkey tail, but I know she likes it. She also teases me for being a bulldozer kitty. I like to knock things off tables, counters, dressers, you name it. I don't use my paws like most kitties. I push everything off with my head. My favorite thing to push onto the floor is mommy's alarm clock. I know mommy does not like that thing because it makes her get up in the morning so I try to get rid of it for her. Besides, it is my job to wake her up by giving love nibbles on the back of her arm or laying on her throat. I know she loves it because she always wakes right up!