I'm supposed to do what in here?!

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Purred: Sun Jan 30, '11 12:22am PST 
My meowma bought 2 new litter boxes for me, a tiny one and a larger one. The large one is full of kitty litter, which I'm not so sure about, but I love the little one! It's lined with just newspaper, and it's so comfy to lay in! I take all my naps there, but sometimes I have to share it with another kitten. Newspaper on the floor is okay to potty on, but newspaper in a box is better for sleeping!

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Hahaha! Too cute!snoopy

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Purred: Mon Jan 31, '11 10:44pm PST 
ooh I love!! to play and sleep in boxes and with newspaper even better. mom sometimes put a box down and once I get in it she leaves it there several days just so I can play in it too funny I never thought of playing in the litter box, but mom never put newspaper in it ummmmmmmm I need to have her do that for me and see if I like it oo laugh out loud