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Purred: Wed Dec 22, '10 12:42am PST 
Got this from somewhere on the Internet and decided I'd share. A lot of these are so spot-on that they made me laugh (yes, I choose clothing fabric types/colors with cat hair and claws in mind).

22 signs of a true cat lover

1) When a true cat lover sleeps, he hardly makes any movements, let alone moving his toes.

2) If you put a heavy thing on a sleeping cat lover, he will try to keep it there undisturbed all the night.

3) A dead mouse touches the heart of a true cat lover; a dead rat draws his admiration.

4) You may think that he's got a cold - every time a true cat lover enters a room, he closes any doors and windows.

5) If you want to show that you're madly jealous because of a true cat lover, just pee in his boots. He won't understand you otherwise.

6) In company, he always ends up talking about cats. Even if he promised to give up doing so.

7) A true cat lover never throws away candy wrappers - he rolls them into a ball and throws down on the floor.

8) A true cat lover chooses clothes by the two main criteria:

a) cat fur doesn't stick to it (or it is invisible on it and easily removed);

b) it is difficult for the cat to get a claw hooked in the fabric.

9) A true cat lover never slams the door. He always closes it carefully or even leaves a cat-size slit.

10) A true cat lover always knows which of his cats is digging the litter box at the moment.

11) A true cat lover never leaves food on the table but always puts it in the fridge.

12) A true cat lover never leaves a glass with water near the keyboard.

13) Prior to buying a new home plant, a true cat lover will always find out whether this plant is toxic for cats.

14) A true cat lover always smells every little amount of spilt water.

15) When a cat climbs on a true cat lover's lap, he will never utter a sound even if the cat didn't hide the claws. Because the kitty may get scared and never climb on his lap again.

16) A true cat lover always knows what cat food tastes like.

17) The hands of a true cat lover are always covered with scratches.

18) When a true cat lover sees a cat in the street, he is full of emotions as if he sees this animal for the very first time.

19) In a typical family, children are told, "Wash your hands after patting the cat!" In a cat-addicted family, children are told, "Wash your hands before patting the cat!"

20) A true cat lover is skilled in typing and using the mouse with one hand. The second one is reserved for patting the cat.

21) A true cat lover knows that the name "mouse pad" is absolutely theoretical. Practically, it is a "cat pad".

22) If a true cat lover steps on something soft, he always pulls his leg up nervously and checks whether he has harmed someone.


I\'M HAVING- FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Purred: Wed Dec 22, '10 11:47am PST 
I'd like to add another.

A true cat lover sees the cats asleep in the middle of the bad and goes to sleep on the couch to keep from disturbing them. laugh out loudlaugh out loud

Aragorn (In- Memory)

One Cool Cat

Purred: Wed Dec 22, '10 7:50pm PST 
Number 8 is completely true! Mom hasn't bought any black clothes since I went to the Bridge 16 years ago. laugh out loud

Also, Number 8 shouldn't be limited to clothing only. Same holds true for furniture.

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Japanese Bobtail
Purred: Thu Dec 23, '10 4:56am PST 
True cat lovers always have a lint brush handy !

True cat lovers can usually tell which of their cats took the stinky poop.

True cat lovers will always dust off the face of the black cat that comes out of the litter box with a dust halo.

True cat lovers will always call home when away for an extended period of time and ask HOWS MY BABIES?

True cat lovers are thoughtful, caring, lovable people.

True cat lovers give their pets the best care ever.

True cat lovers treat their cats better than their children (hahahhaa, thats what my daughter says)

(That was fun, Now add yours)

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KuJu Ku

Bobtails Rule!
Purred: Thu Dec 23, '10 12:08pm PST 
True cat lovers wipe their cats britches with baby wipes when they do a messy do-do. (Im speaking from experience)

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Sweet Memories
Purred: Thu Dec 23, '10 5:16pm PST 
True cat lovers will go out on a limb for their pets laugh out loud


Purred: Fri Dec 24, '10 9:52am PST 
Mom got a warm fuzzy feeling out of all the indications of being a true cat lover and copied the whole post to her file where keeps wonderful things about cats.


♥- Socko- ♥

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Purred: Sun Dec 26, '10 2:00pm PST 
little angel


Has been COTD!
Purred: Mon Dec 27, '10 6:30am PST 
A true cat lover will continue eating a meal even if a cat has already taken a lick. (Heh heh heh, happened just now with a buttered roll.)


RESPECT The- Star!
Purred: Mon Dec 27, '10 7:31am PST 
Love #19, got all my friends trained, mol, wash your hands, before, you touch the kitties, mol. laugh out loud

A true cat lover, never needs an alarm clock, because the kitties know, when its time to get mommy or daddy up, to feed them. wave

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